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Hallo everybody.
Yes Bibbabong is doing ok but it's not competing so far. I still partecipate our NM and I won last year the Championship with my AR15.
New girlfriend, new airplane, new motorbike, lot of things to do at work, time is getting too short and I can't train enough to shoot competitively in two divisions. May be next year, who knows.

Yes we have quite a lot of FAL here, equally distributed among Imperial and Metric. They almost always come with the safety sear slot welded. The average prices is around 750€. The Austrian STG look to be the most appreciated. Very few Israeli HB, few Aussie and Canadian, quite a lot of Argentinian, Austrian and British.
Funny enough most of the shooter here shoot their Fal with optics (never with Trilux), that really makes no sense to me.

PS: can anybody tell me why the photos of the first posts are no more there? My ImageShack account seems OK, but I can't see my photos there anymore.

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