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I'm going to differ in a couple of points here.
With a "stick" type vial you should NOT be using the ends, but the side of the cylinder.

I've sucessfully used a 12mm vial (possibly from a different source?) but as mentionaed you will need to remove a small amount of metal at the radiuses of the recess to make it fit. a 13mm IS too long there'se just not enough space.
(This should give you an idea how little leeway there is in fitting 1mm makes the difference!)

Red vials will allow for better retention of night vision as this is the color least likely to cause the eye to respond, but the phosphors used to make the glow "red" are both the lowest light level, and the shortest phosphor life.

As observed the original color was something between pure red & amber, this explains the varying definitions of the color.

I tried both the yellow & the green, the yellow is more representative if you're trying to make a replica, but the green is both the brightest, and longest lasting phosphor, so that's what I ended up with. The red I found very unipressive, but that's just my opinion.

Finally I guess I shoul clear up any confusion by what I mean when I say "diagonally".

I'm referring to placing the vial across the opening in the plug from the "top left" to the "bottom right", not going up into the recess fron top to bottom.

(Yes this does involve a little creative removal of metal from the plug.)

If you're adding to the LED unit the maximum is less both because you're locating the vial vertically and you heve a different internal setup.
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