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Originally Posted by Black Blade View Post
Minimum Wage in Seattle and some folk printed cards to leave as "tips" for those workers ...

I'm going to give you a bit of an education that most folks are not aware of. Most service people such as a waitress or waiter do not make true minimum wage, I don't care about Washington but you should always be aware of proper edicut for the surroundings you are in. 99% of the time a job where they get tips the employer pays less than minimum wage it's usually a bit more than half. I know this because I have worked those type of jobs then the employer makes them pay the bus boy or the piece of shit restaurant bar tender all to make good money for 5 hours but takes 12 hours of the day for those who do it for a living.

I also lived in Southeast Asia for a few years as a teacher before coming back home due to a military uprising. I would see people over pay or tip when should not because it makes them feel better but makes it harder for the expats that live there and work for the same money due to the fact most foreigners don't truly understand the money exchange and how much more it cost a foreigner to live in home country so they believe all foreigners are rich.

Would I say you should tip the douche with dreadlocks and twenty holes in their face at StarBucks hell no. But if an individual in this country waits on you then you should if not enjoy the spit next time you go there because they have to pay for you to sit at that table even if you don't tip.
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