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Originally Posted by clodhopper View Post
Governmental salary mandates are simply refusal to understand and trust economics. Salary levels will adjust to the agreeable point between employers and employees, on its own. Employers can't get good help? They will raise pay levels until better employees find it acceptable. Employees feel they are underpaid? Go find a better paying job and your old employer will be stuck with a work opening or find someone who will work for that rate or offer more to get a good employee. It all works out.

Unfortunately, we have this huge contingent of people in this country who have been steeped in this idea that no one is trustworthy and we need a government to set rules and determine fairness.

Then there is another huge contingent of people who have been raised to believe they are owed some form of living wage regardless of their skills and abilities. If you suck, you deserve crap pay. Don't like it? Do a better job or get some training.

As I said before, all minimum wage increases do is push up inflation. The market keeps a balance of value to effort. The government can try and tweak things to meet some social engineering goal, but the market with absorb it with a balancing effect somewhere else.

The only parties that should have any control over what I get paid are my employer and me. Both parties have equal right to turn down a pay rate relative to work duties. Why should some bureaucrat that doesn't know my skills or my job requirements determine what baseline pay should be? No minimum allows that individual who has gumption and brains but no experience to get into a job and prove themselves. The real losers are the teenagers who will have a much harder time starting out. Who is going to risk $15/hour on the possibility of a complete bonehead or legal liability?

Thinking that the same minimum rate is applicable in all parts of the country is 'ludicris'. As we all know, it costs the same to live in rural Arkansas as it does Manhattan.

Anyone who is in favor of the $15 minimum wage answer this question.... Why set the minimum at $15? If $15 is good, wouldn't $20 be better? Why not just determine what a year's salary should be for everyone and just enact legislation to mandate it? John Galt will be the outcome.
Again, I'm not in favor of the government doing much of anything.

But why would I hold it against the chick/guy working that min wage job? If they're busting their butts, I'll tip them. (rewarding good behavior sometimes produces good results - sometimes)

Holding every minimum wage worker at fault for the law is as illogical as blaming RSS or Rowjimmy for the idiots electing idiots in their respective states.

Having been in on the corporate side of things for quite a few years now, I can also say that some companies lie, conspire and orchestrate ways to pay employees less, while paying the upper-level folks more, meanwhile putting on the poormouth. Unions try to squeeze every nickel they can, companies do the same. Loyalty means zero to most, and employees know it. There's a lack of loyalty to American workers, you see it in the jobs being moved overseas, offshore banks, shadow corporations. The ridiculous wages a beginning employee is paid are only outdone by the ridiculous suicidal laws that allow what's happened to out manufacturing base.
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