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Originally Posted by RG Coburn View Post
It looks reversible.Just needs a butt stock and hardware. Its a Savage built rifle,probably the best of any Enfield made. I actually have an entire set for exactly that rifle.

maybe somewhat true for #4s but if you think a lousy Savage is a better "Enfield" than early #1s built by Lee Speed, Sparkbrook and other English firms
Well you must be getting some of that happy weed mailed in from the Left Coast

Here's how it works RG

The early #1s were nearly commercial quailty builds
this held true up through the start of WWI, same with Webley products.
During the great war external finishing diminished but they were still extremely high quality builds.

In the lead up to the second world war the English elimintated things to make an easier and cheaper to make gun. That's the #4 which actually is not seen as an SMLE.
So let's get all critical on #4 builds
War time English became rather rough externally
Savage contracts were only very slightly better

The absolute best of the #4s were those that came out of Long Branch in Canada. We see them a bit up here as plenty drifted across the border but they really are not all that common elsewhere. Canucks surplused a ton to the public in the 60s and 70s, just dirt cheap...a few bucks shipped to your door.

put a Savage against Long Branch, no comparision.

Late Fazakery guns are decent, understand Enfield variants were still being built up through the early 60s, actually much later but I'm talking .303s

Again ?
Savage is just trash

BEST Enfield ?

Run down an early action, rebuild it to a rifle with all New old stock bits
probably cost you at least $600 today
I mentioned here in the past I was actively into this up to maybe eight years back importing pre 1899 actions that we built up with NOS #1mk3 barrels, furniture and shit. Only sucky thing is most of the antique actions lacked the charger guide. I was totally fine with that
Add a Parker Hale or BSA target receiver sight, a tack driver

Savage ?
just wartime lend lease trash
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