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Hi Cowbilly,

No tax cause it is an out of state purchase. Transfer is $15.00 from my FFL Holder. He is a gentleman that I have been doing business with for years and he gives LEO's a bit of consideration. I was, "On-The-Job", for thirty two years and I retired as Chief of Police. It was fun while it lasted.

Over and Out

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No tax or FFL fee? I was just a little dissappointed in mine for the price I paid, ($25 transfer/$25 shipping) especially after reading your post (though I'm glad you found a better deal). In my honest opinion it is a $400 rifle at best.

I always wanted an STG44/MP44, real ones are around 20K and I could not time the $$$$/availablity with the semi auto to get one of those. The .22 version will have to do. Hopefully it will be a fun/good shooter.
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