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Took like 6 attempts because image verification kept showing nothing but 'internal error', but I did the lost password thing and finally got logged on, using my laptop.
I changed my password, logged out and back on again and am good to go,,,on the laptop I never use..

Then I tried logging on with both phone and tablet with the new info,,,and its a big NOGO.
Both are Samsung android devices, both have issues with and wont sign into akfiles...But work just fine here,,and everywhere else I have to sign into...

Both do the same thing, I type my sign in info and check remember me, but as soon as I hit the 'log in' button they delete my password, hang for a few seconds on the 'thanks for signing in' screen and then go back to the forum as not signed in.

I've reset the auto fill out features with the new info, inputted the info manually, dosent matter how the blanks get filled deletes my password and just wont let me get there from here...

I'm at my limit for now on this,,,I'm heading to the shop..
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