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Originally Posted by evan price View Post
Brownell's Oxpho-Blue.

Works best if you put the cleaned, degreased, de-oiled part in an oven at about 250 for long enough that the Oxpho-blue sizzles when it touches the metal.

When I chop down shotgun barrels I use the propane torch to heat up the muzzle before I hit it with the Oxpho-blue.

Then you need to oil the blued part well and let it soak in. Again, warm parts open the pores of the metal to receive the oil better.
Been my experience too, but you don't even have to get that anal on the degreasing bit & prep which is handy for those of us who don't have the cash to replace front night sights every few months when the edges wear through to the white since the element won't hold up to hot refinishing processes.

Birchwood Casey Super Blue shares that trait and seems about as good. For all I know it may be "as good" considering how much stuff gets made in bulk and re-branded/re-packagaed.
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