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Last night had wrath of God flooding rain and wife said heard squirrels in the attic. When got home from Saturday morning Bible study, trip by work, every tool shop in town, LGS back and forth getting tools for them were two squirrels in the main leaping off tree to eve of house. By time got to side door, unlocked, grabbed the Hornet they were clear of rear fence and high in the Poplar trees outside of fence. Had clear shot on one and dropped him clean then other went for a nest so came in. Few minutes later wife spotted the other working way back into yard so slipped out and we did the dance. Squirrel tried to maneuver and keep to blind side of trees or make fast moves as went for next tree.

Finally got a clean shot at abut 60 yards, had the first stage taken up and shot through shoulder but hit low and his opposite front leg fell off and he jumped up on limb trying to balance all blower up and missing a front leg. Wife was watching from kitchen window and heard her break squelch and in earpiece said hit tad low and removed the opposite leg high and he just didn't know he wasn't dead yet, don't waste another dime on second Varmint Grenade. He just sat there wobbling about 20 seconds then just fell off limb and hit gourd next to his leg dead as a stone.

Have orders before leaves fully bloom to take one of the big Browning A5's with load of duplex shells and sweep all the nests from trees. We leave during winter as know they will usually run for a nest and can get some lead and wait for them to pause. Summer is coming, leaves will obscure them if get that high so this weekend is nest removal duty. Wife and I use varmint killing as live fire tactical practice for zombies. She glasses the yard when have multiple targets and as I focus on one she keeps eyes out for others and spots shots. Unsure if need a couple clicks of elevation adjustment or if steep angle of some recent shots have caused low hits getting a lot of hits low shoulder instead of high and removing their hearts and lungs. Seen more front legs amputated lately than in past years but the Varmint Grenades are he!! on squirrel as come apart abut time of exit as the disentigrate inside of ground hogs and coyote just shutting them down, often with no exit wounds 100% energy dump in varmint.

The new mostly Kidd built 10/22 is proving to be heck on chipmunks and wife enjoys spotting them for me. Having a well trained spotter almost doubles my efficiency at killing yard vermin and wife cheers now to see a squirrel come apart under the force of the 30 grain varmint grenades in the Hornet using on squirrel. Have a 22 K-Hornet loaded with 36 grain Varmint Grenades for ground hogs and coyote. Have to make sure and grab correct rifle as the 36 grain bullets don't come apart fast enough in squirrel or at all if use on chipmunks. The 30 grain grenades are clocking 3,380 fps from the Hornet and the 36 grain at 3,310 from the K-Hornet. Droppedal several smallish doe with the K-Hornet and 36 grain Varmint Grenades last season. All fell like had a stroke or hit by lightning. Bullet in ear, no exit but their eyeballs come out of the sockets. Wife thinks that kind of gross and doesn't look too close.

So today we are running tactical zombie training using the radios, her with spotting scope and binoculars while I slip round yard with the Savage single shot Hornet killing squirrel. Good for her to get good at prioritizing which target should come next in the call out, spotting where each round hits then getting me back on next squirrel in the kill box. Since the first pair early have three singles and another pair. There were three when got second double but third got clear and pretty sure he became one of the singles later. Now parked on sofa ordering AR parts waiting for a call out while wife is glassing back yard for next squirrel to enter the death zone. Letting her decide which door I exit from and route to take to get best angle. Twice she could have routed me better which we discussed in after action debriefing. If the zombies ever do appear, wife has become a darn good spotter.
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