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I dont mind giving my secrets away here is what I do and use.
first off take your piece of wood.

1. strip the old finish off using some kind of cheap wood varnish or poly spray can or brush on stripper. ( I use spray on Stripper the cheapest crap avail from home depot or lowes)

2. using an old credit card or plastic scraper when you have your stripper applied and wet and have let it soak in for 20 minutes or so ( you can see it peeling) you scrape it off do this how ever many times it takes to get the old crap off rinse it throughly with water and let dry.

3. let it dry a day or so. ( I live in Arizona so everything drys out that day and is ready to sand)

4. sand your piece of wood if it has many large dings then soak it in soapy water for a day or so (I use Dawn dish soap) this will swell out some of the dents and raise more of the old oil and stain/dirt that is deep in the wood.rinse and let it dry then you are ready to sand. start off with 150 to 220 sand paper depending on the crap you need to sand off. ( I use a chaep electric hand/palm sander from harbor freight tools or home depot) be careful not to remove to much wood. the more you sand using fine sand paper the nicer your piece of wood will come out. on some of my Mosin Nagants I sanded using 1500 to 2000 grit paper.

5. once sanded to the Quality you want out of your piece of wood you need to either stain it the color you are wanting or just clear kote it in the picture above I used a light oak minwax stain only two coats.

6. the above Mosin nagant was only sanded to 400 grit if I wanted to spend the time I would have taken it out to 2000 grit paper.

7. once sanded to the fine'ness you want and stained to the color you want. now you are ready to clear kote it.

8. the product that I use and like the best is in a green spray can and made by Minwax ( this is what the can says) minwax indoor/outdoor Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear Gloss.

9. now once your stain has dried this may take a day or two now you are ready to clear. guys be patient it takes me at least two weeks to to get what I am looking for. ( sanding usualy only takes me a couple of hours or less) the stain only takes a day or two depending on how dark or light you want it. the clear koting takes many days.

10. now hang your piece of wood using a coat hanger and spray it with a couple of coats of clear be careful not to over do it and have runs.
let it set over night ( if you have runs stop let it dry a day or so and slightly re-sand the runs off using like 400 grit paper) if no runs then repeat this process for at least 8 to 10 coats ( dont freek out if you have a rough surface let it dry for several days sand it out using 0000 steel wool or 1500 or 2000 grit paper it will look rough and crappy once you sand on it BUT ONCE YOU CLEAR it again the dull roughness will go away.
sorry for the long process I have a had a few beers and a couple of shots of Tequila the entire process can take a week or two depending on how picky you are.
hope this helps and if you have any Questions email or private message me.
love to help.
have a great day guys.

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