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I just got back from the range
I fed my CIA L1A1 180 rnds of milsurp and 25 reloads. I had no problems with the milsurp. My reloads are 110gr sp. The first roun would go into the top corner of the reciever. I think this is due to the oal being shorter. Next batch I make I will seat the bullet out farther. Also when I would insert a mag of reloads the first round would pop out of the mag ala Derek Jeters excitable FAL. This could have also been the cause of the miss feeds, As long as I would check to make sure the first rnd stayed in the mag it worked awesome.
Once I got her sited in all was good The front site is all the way down and I am barely hiting right on at 100 yrds. I don't like the apeture on the rear site, it is quite large and makes it hard to get the same exact site picture every time. I was able to get a 3 shot group at 100 yrds that was all the same height and 1.5" left to right. This was with the Iron Sites. I need to order a Tapco scope mount and see if I can get a smaller group
All in all I think it was money well spent
BTW gas is set at 4
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