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my weapon of choice is a 1911 in .45acp so ..

over the decades I have learned that there is not one holster that does every job equally

some do one specific job better than all the other designs out there but suck at another job

today we are lucky enough to have many choices and manufactures and styles

I have a 18 gallon storage tub w/ various sizes, designs and manufactures

I have yet to see any shoulder holster setup that is better than the Jackass rig / Miami classic

for just walking around the property its hard to do better than a Yaqui slide . KISS design

any inside the pants/under the belt needs to be well crafted horsehide or at least have a good stiffener to allow re-holstering

high riding forward cant holsters have their place

a S.O.B. has its place (small of back)

spare/extra magazines have their own specific solutions

necessity is the mother of invention ..

the cocaine cowboys running roughshod over Miami gave birth to specialized rigs like this Firepower Rig from Andrews Leather that many in law enforcement grabbed to keep up

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