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Originally Posted by Abominog View Post
IIRC I have four of those mags at the shop, sold the 84S but have the mags. What do they go for these days?
Depends on the capacity of the mag. You got the 5, 15, 30, or 40 round ones?

I have seen anywhere between $20-85 for any besides the 40 round ones. The 40 rounder $100+

For the Norinco model rifles, I have used East German bakelight with the insides of the feeding lips modified and a Robinson follower inside. I have also used Bulgarian Waffle .223 ones. Had to use a horseshoe rasp to get enough plastic off the outside for them to fit the mag well. Just took a couple of hits with it to do it.

For the Polytech rifles the 30 rounders for $90+ and the drums go for $300+. The last one I saw sell went for $400. I have 'heard' the Galil mags fits these, but I do not know for sure as I never had a Polytech.
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