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I'll do the truck first although it wasn't end of year, I bought it several months ago. I'm also in the rust belt of northern IN and won't buy a used vehicle from this area so when it's time to buy I generally look around Dallas(with several from CA/OR as well). Found this 2003 Chevy 2500HD 4X4 just outside of Dallas while hurricane Harvey was working its way through Houston. Figured if I was going to buy a used truck from Texas NOW was the time. Once Harvey did its thing and people started recovering I predicted there would be no used trucks available until the flood salvage units started trickling in,....and I didn't want one of those.

Anyway, found this one in decent shape(200k, 6l gasser)for $3900. Flew down, Uber'd 50 miles to the dealer, drove it 900 trouble-free miles home. Gas and a single motel stop along the way added up to $500 total to get it home. Same truck up here(along with all the rust)would be $8k+ and finding a utility bed with an extended cab 3/4 with 4wd proved to be almost impossible. Either extended cab OR 4wd was easy,......but that combination almost doesn't exist in a 10+yr old tool truck. I looked at a thousand trucks and that combo was maybe 1 in 100, probably less. I remember one in MA and one in MT,....maybe another somewhere. I looked HARD for several months.

Gun related end of year(AR specific)I ended up with 5 PSA rifle kits, all the same Magpul furniture 16". Only meant to buy three(1+2)but evidently fat-fingered something and ended up with 1+4. Also bought 4K rounds of AE 5.56mm, half 62gr and half 55gr. PSA has some good prices with free shipping and .05/rd rebates. Ends up delivered at .25 per. The 2k 55gr also throws in twenty 30rd PMags for $5 each.

And for the last two months I've been buying binary triggers. Generally get two at a time to ease the pain, but realistically I consider them to be 'free'. I've sold both a RDIAS and a registered M16 so even with a drawer full of $450
triggers and a pile of AR kits I'm $40k to the good.
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