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My scope went out & all they offered me was a another rail (already bought a rail when I bought the rifle) because they neither had the ability to repair their product or replace it - & this was when they were still in buisiness.

I had a spare stockset for it, two extra complete bolt carrier groups as well as other spares.

Felt comfortable with it until I noticed that the bolt was hammering & peening the trunnion. All they were going to do to fix it was to machine the damage out.

Looks like an AUG but nothing like an AUG. MSAR made it so that the parts are enough dimensionally different that you are forced to use only their parts. Parts that suffered from zero quality control & shady ethics.

And that price is a complete rip off.

Tombstone & Budís have AUGs starting at $1600 & buy it by Dec 31st to be eligible for the $100 rebate from Steyr.
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