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Originally Posted by Trypcil View Post
There have many points indicated as to 'issues' with DSA's receivers in this thread, please DSarms Rep analyse them, this is feed back(however presented) - ego aside, and see what high ground we can take here.
The 'Fal Hive', represents the 'Home' sales base for DSa. Just about anyone serious about their Fal, comes here - to learn from what really is a wealth of empirical experience, from savvy and worldly gentlemen - any disrespect, is always a symptom of something else, so please be patient - help us, help you make a better product, for us all.
Not just the Files either, I meet plenty people who want a FAL, or want theirs fixed. SO the customer base is a lot larger than just this group of wankers.
If DSA can permanently fix their manufacturing issues, the members here WILL begin buying a lot more receivers, and quit starting flame threads regarding the problems encountered.
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