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I had several nambus and 94's years ago. I got rid of them when I got away form jap stuff. They were fun. A buddy made me brass out of 38spl - was alot of work but he had a small lathe and I had time then. They were a hoot to shoot...the 94's seemed to have alot of jamming issues and looked like they were made on saki night at the factory. Disassembling the type 14's was a biatch. Why strum ruger borrowed alot from the nambu for his 22 autos... one can only guess.
I knew an old army vet that had a type94 ( I eventually got it from him ) that the holster had been shot through at the bottom. He had told me a fella took it off a dead jap aircrew and wore it around proudly...until he patted the holster right smart and put a bullet in his leg. That's how the old fella I knew got it.
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