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I also did an informal test on my own with the mags using my DSA 18" metric rifle. It's a couple of years old and has less than 1500 rounds through it at a guess. I've replaced a couple of parts on it, including an extended-ergo mag release.

As stated by all, the mags lock up nice and tight and slip out nicely. The grip texture is fine, though perhaps a bit more 'agressiveness' would help when we're sweating our butts off here on a hot Texas summer day! Not a big deal since if it did cause an issue you could always slap some grip tape on there. This is my only comment as the rest of the mag looks and feels like a quality product. The polymer feels like what PMAG would: not thin but not heavy either.

As for my testing, first I loaded all 4 of my mags up to capacity and shot them down to 10 rounds. At the 10th round, I removed the mag, gave it a toss onto concrete or dirt. Nothing popped out and both mags fed the last 10 rounds without issue. I then did the same thing with 6 rounds per mag. Fast fired the first 3 rounds, tossed the mag, and then loaded the next mag of 6. Did this a three times for each mag. No rounds popped out when tossed and all fed fine after picking them up. I just used surplus MEN ammo as I've got a bit of that laying around. I would assume other decent ammo would work just as well. Polymer took the hits and dirt as expected.

Overall I'd consider MosesMags a quality product. Not cheap, but not exspensive when you consider what you're getting. I have gone ahead and ordered a few more and will be replacing all my craptastic metal mags with them.

Perhaps someone will run a rifle course or something with them and let us know how they react to some harder use, but otherwise I'd buy and use with them with confidence.
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