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Moses FAL Magazine review

I was finally able to test fire my moses magazine and it proved itself very reliable. I didnt have one failure to feed or any other malfunction for that matter. The magazine is quite light but feels very solid and sturdy. Before I tried the moses magazine I had issues with some of my steel magazines causing a particular feeding problem in my FAL, usually during the last couple rounds in the magazine. The bolt would miss the back of the cartidge and catch the round about halfway up the case, deforming the round beyond function. I fired over 200 rounds through my moses magazine and it performed flawlessly. I did not have one malfunction. Before I had the moses mag I considered sending my rifle off to a gunsmith to try and fix the problem. I'm very glad that I found out about this magazine before I wasted all of that money. I have already ordered five more Moses magazines and would recomend them to anyone. I was not asked to write this review, I felt compelled to. This is a good product.
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