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Jen is there now a system in place to prevent abuse of the feedback like this example ? I realize it happened years ago but it appears that some unhappy camper left 3 negative ratings for ONE incident which affected the other members positive percentage rating quite a bit. I know Ebay and the other auction sites have a program in place that will only allow feedback to be left once for any one transaction. Also wondering if there is built in protection against people leaving feedback when they have not done business with someone. On the FN forum they have a silly "reputation" system where guys can leave a -1 against another member for nearly any reason. "don't like his attitude -1" On the flip side popular members would get +1 ratings daily from their buddies even though they had done no business with them. Over there it was regularly abused and IIRC they finally eliminated it completely for that reason. Marketplace feedback should be ONLY for marketplace transactions and should be limited to ONE rating for each deal. Thanks
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