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Buyer / Seller User Feedback Ratings

How to leave feedback if you are a buyer / seller / trader:

1. Click on the profile link for the user you wish to leave feedback on. You can do this by clicking on the users name which will either show a menu from which you should select "VIEW PUBLIC PROFILE" or may take you directly there, depending on where you are at when you click on the users name.

2. Click the LEAVE FEEDBACK link at the bottom of the Feedback Score tab.

3. Fill out the Feedback Form:
Select if you were the Buyer / Seller or if this was a Trade deal.
Select if you are leaving Positive, Neutral or Negative Feedback
Add a public comment (Short reason you're leaving the feedback)
Thread URL - Make sure you copy / paste the link to the thread referencing the deal you're leaving feedback on here.
Add any additional comments you want to leave regarding the transaction.
That's it.

If you have any issues, questions or find something that's not working right, this thread is where they should be posted.

First thing I will be adding is a "Leave Feedback" link in the user menu (if you click the username in a post) while in marketplace that will add the url to the marketplace thread automatically to the feedback form.
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