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Mags looks great!!! The mold maker did an excellent job!!!!

There are a few minor adjustments that will need to be made to the mold but overall I am extremely pleased with how they came out.

I am using brand new old stock original FAL mag springs.
When I run out of those I have a major national spring maker lined up to make the springs, they will be made just like the original spring.
They will also be making the spring for the 25 rd mag.

The bolt hold open tab is made from the same tough as nails polymer the mag body is made out of, I did change the design on the back of the follower so that there is the utmost of engagement surface for the bolt hold open pin to engage. There should not be any problems like with some of the original mags or the thermold mags where the bolt hold open pin would ride over the follower and jam the mag in the gun.

From my initial testing of inserting, taking out and reinserting the mag hundreds of times and thus engaging the bolt hold open tab there is no significant wear.
Also the front beak and rear locking tab appear to have no significant wear.
(The original Russian Saiga 12 mags have polymer locking tabs on the front and rear also and they hold up fine that is what influenced my decision to go with the same on the moses mag) The new SCAR heavy mags also have a polymer follower.
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