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Originally posted by moses
I actually did see the Scar heavy mag today as a matter of fact and did notice and examine the polymer follower. I was at the NRA show that was here in Charlotte.
I also talked to Rock River arms about there polymer FAL mags they are working on and the guy told me they will not work in an FAL because they are not gonna have the beak on the front of the mag. This was after I noticed they have a channel milled in their receiver that renders the beak useless when used in their gun, so I asked will your new polymer mags have the beak, and he said no and I said so they won't work in a FAL then and he said they were making the mags for their gun not FAL's! I smiled and said thank you. hehehehe
Ya, I was at that show also... the scar H mag was way more similiar than I was expecting. Why mess with a good design I guess. They would sell more mags for the fal than the rock rivers gun if they would just stick the beak on there.

Oh, stopped by the DSA booth took and look at their fal's ask about their mags.
"any week now, they will be ready"
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