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+1 (well, +5) on 25-rounders for me, more eventually if they are high quality.

There are lots of 20-rd surplus mags available, and DSA is working on theirs; distinguish yourself from them.

30-rd is too unwieldy and heavy, and I understand that when fully loaded the pressure of the top round on the bottom of the bolt can cause cycling problems.

While I personally really like the cosmetics of a curved mag in the FAL, first consider carefully how well they would work in an RFB. A curve might bring the front of the magazine too close to the rear of the grip to be easily inserted and removed. Curved would also be harder to find pouches for.

+1 on embossing the markings for the witness holes and letting the buyer drill them if they want.

Here's hoping you get an OEM contract with Kel-Tec!
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