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I own thirty something PMAGs for my ARs and they are the absolute best. I own a decent number of Austrian and Israeli surplus mags, but I would definitely buy at least ten of these, and probably more like twenty or thirty since I am such a mag whore! This would definitely cut down on the overall weight because my steel mags are not light at all!

Something like this could really catch on because it seems as if more and more people I know in real life or see posting on other gun forums are starting to get into the FAL world after being familiar with the AR world (myself included about a year or so ago), and most of them know that PMAGs are top of the line for reliability, or they at least know how reliable Glock mags are when it comes to pistols. I think something like this could really blow up in a good way!

As far as round count, I agree with Kyrottimus. A 25 rounder would be my first pick, especially since I already have so many 20 rounders. Five more rounds of 308 would be awesome!

I just hope this new magazine process doesn't take away from your gunsmithing time too much, since I plan on sending you a FAL upper to cut and crown the barrel on within the next month or so! A PMAG type mag for the FAL sounds pretty awesome though.
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