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I have a few thermolds and they really aren't that chunky compared to the original mags IMHO. I will be beefing up the mag where ever needed to make it strong enough. I would be adding ribs basically just for the reinforcing of the mag body, trust me I am looking into all the small details involved.

The injection molder I am dealing with right now does both the mold making and running the actual molds. I plan on owning the mold base too.
I am planning on having at least a 2 cavity mold.
I am well aware of how expensive the molds are! I think most people don't understand just the molds can be over $10,000 for a project like this.
The company I am dealing with has a super tough material already worked up that they use on a current customers product that has to take a beating all day long usually being hit with a hammer hundreds of time a day that should be perfect for the magazine body.

Thanks for the input!
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