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Originally posted by moses
Probably just offer Black to start and maybe do other colors later.
I'll know more after I talk with the injection moulders about color options.

I would love to make 25 rd and 30 rd mags too but the molds are really expensive and therefore I am only doing 20 rd mags to start. If all goes well and there is enough demand I would definitely like to do the 25 and 30 rd mags later.
A few things to consider:

Starting with a 25 or 30 round mag would set you apart from the crowd.

Choosing a company with the capability to both make the mold and run it can potentially save you lots of headaches. If you go the other route and have problems with the product, you risk either the mold maker or the injection molder trying to blame the other for the issues.

Some companies use a proprietary mold base and while that can save you money up front (no base to buy), it might cost you later if you choose to take your molds to another injection molder.

You would be wise to machine prototypes from the desired material(s) and test the mags extensively before you get too excited about molding.

If you decide to go for it, and are going with a two-cavity or larger mold, I can recommend a major company who could help get your piece price down.

Keep in mind two cavity and larger molds for something the size of a FAL mag will be very expensive. Even a single cavity mold for the mag body alone will cost thousands.

Good luck with the project.
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