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Moses, I voted as being in for 5, but that's just a guess. I'd want 20s to start, probably all 20's.

I love the PMags for my ARs...I have over 20 of them for the two ARs I own, if that's any indication of what I might eventually acquire for the FAL.

I'd be curious to find out how you handle the front locking lug design on the new mag before going hog wild buying many, though. Some of the polymer AK mags have been problematic here. On the other hand, I think there may be some room for improvement over the original steel metric mag here.

Also, it will be interesting to see if you do anything similar to the cover that MagPul provides with their PMags that takes tension off the feedlips. I've never been quite sure if these things are really of any practical help wrt the feed lips, or what.

As far as the surface, ribs, etc., I'm sure whatever you come up will be fine. Just so long as it is dead nuts reliable (in feeding, retention, and durability), grips well enough, and doesn't snag in carrying pouches, I don't care too much how a mag looks.

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