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Originally posted by Scott V2
30 rounders are useless for prone shooting
I have no problem with 30rd FAL mags, and in a pinch one can use rollover prone, urban prone, modified prone or prone-supported (high-prone rested). So no, in my opinion they are not useless. They may be a little more awkward for it but its still doable. Plus, I have freakishly long arms so I can actually get into regular prone with 30's without a problem.

They aren't for everyone, but I still think there should be more options for everyone. 20rds are nice, but I think 25rds would be great in that they'd still likely fit most web gear / LBE's that AK and AR mags fit without being too long. 30's are sort of a different animal in that regard as they are harder to find fitting LBE pouches and so forth.

Maybe moses should start a new poll? Preference regarding 20, 25 or 30rd mags being made.

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