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I voted 5, but I'd probably buy more.

Inch, metric, or both? It seems (to my uneducated manufacturing sense) that it might be fairly easy to figure a way to use the same molds, but have a one-time install of the beak or lip.

I'd be more interested in 25 round mags. DSA will get their 20s right one day, and that might be sooner rather than later. Kel-tec is probably working on something for their bullpup. One of the AR guys is supposed to have 20 rd FAL mags soon for their AR10ish thingee.

I like the ribs on the P mags. Much more secure than checkering, or stippling, or anything else I can think of. But, I'm no expert, so YMMV.

Just some random thoughts. Feel free to use or discard at will. No consulting fee required.
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