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I'll know more after I meet with them, but I would think if there are no major problems encountered less than 2 months will be doable.
I will be torture testing them too so that will also take some time.

I am still working on the design of the exterior, while I would like to have a Pmag type look I think it will have to be different enough not to infringe on any patents.
I think the Thermold mags were a little plain looking and also too smooth not offering enough grip. I know it will not have the ridge like the thermolds that would interfere with the outside bottom of the magwell preventing the mag from seating.

I definitely plan on having an exterior with some ridges to aid in gripping the mag when inserting and taking it out. I also plan on the design being pleasing to the eye.

After talking to the injection molding company today and getting a ballpark figure I plan on doing this, so barring any unforeseen circumstances this will happen.
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