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How many want a US made FAL mag? (Pics & videos added)

ORDERS are now being taken on the website @

Today is June 8th 2013, production run should be happening this coming week!!!!

More details later this weekend!!!
Coloradans please email me @ to order!
I will be giving our Colorado brothers a few days to order before I open it up to everyone since they are facing a deadline on buying regular capacity mags.

Just got back from the molders around midnite tonite and picked up the revised mags and all the revisions I had made came out great!!!! Even better than I ever expected!!!

From initial tests the mags are functioning flawlessly by hand cycling!!!!!!!! To say I am extremely happy would be a gross understatement!!!!!!!!!

VIDEO'S of test firing the magazine are on page 12, 13, 15 and 16



Just thought I would update this first post. December, 22 2010

I am doing 20 rd mags and the molds are being made now!

If all goes as planned I will be doing 25 rd mags next.

I am not posting any pics yet until I have all patents and trademarks taken care of, but these look really cool!!!!!

Below is the original post.

I am seriously considering having some FAL mags made.
They would be synthetic not steel, I would like them to be basically the equivalent of a Pmag for FAL's.

These mags would count as 3 US parts towards 922r.

I need to see if the market is large enough to warrant the start up costs for the molds and other things involved.

How many of you would buy a quality US made polymer mag and how many would you buy?

I am guessing cost would be between $20 and $25

I am probably going to do 20 and 25rd mags to begin with if this happens.

However let me know what round capacity you would prefer.

I have been getting quite a few requests for 25 rd mags.

Curious what the consensous is on how you guys would like these to look?

More like a traditional FAL mag with a few added gripping enhancements or with more ribs/designs on the entire surface.
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