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lonerunner1 December 04, 2003 14:08

Falcon Arms Fal spring kits
Falcon Arms Fal spring kits. Any good? Does their trigger pull reduction kit work well? Any problems? Comments?

Sophicles December 04, 2003 15:44

Dont know about the trigger reduction kit, but the recoil springs are no good. Not enough umph to get the bolt closed, much less chamber a round off the magazine.

damon_achey December 04, 2003 18:33

Ok, then who's recoil springs do you recomend?

I bought an STG58 that is failing exactly as you just described as far as recoil and tried replacing with falcon arms springs and they were about the same as the used ones that it came with. Who's got the stongest recoil springs?


Jambo December 04, 2003 18:41

O.K., so now I've heard that that Falcon's springs are garbage. And I've heard that Tapco's springs are garbage as well. Looks like I better test those Tapco springs before my 30 days are up. I bought the set to see if it made any difference in my rifles performance.

J. Y. Dog December 04, 2003 18:50

I was about to post the same ? It would be nice to have more feedback on these springs as it would fill a niche if they work,I just don't understand why we haven't heard more about them.At any rate I'll watch this thread for more info.

Minion82 December 04, 2003 18:54

Hmm... well, I ordered a set (not including the TPR springs) just a couple of days ago, so I'll report back after my next range trip.

bradc December 04, 2003 19:03

I purchased the whole spring kit from falcon(all springs + trigger pull) for my STG and have a crisp 4 pound trigger and flawless functuion. No problems here after 1000 rounds. I have to run gas at 4.

lonerunner1 December 04, 2003 19:05


Originally posted by Minion82
Hmm... well, I ordered a set (not including the TPR springs) just a couple of days ago, so I'll report back after my next range trip.
Yeah, let us know how they work. I searched all over this forum and came up with nothing on these spring kits from Falcon Arms so it will be interesting to hear how they work.

Sophicles December 04, 2003 19:27

Sorry I cant offer a solution. I tried this spring kit on an Imbel build with an Imbel GL rec. As with most of the recent Imbel kits the rifle was carried a lot, and shot little, so the original springs were OK to start with. Swapped with the original and the problem went away. As to other posts I had seen a post mention SS springs that were doing the same problem I described, but ended on a "email me off board" note so I cant say for certain that they were the FA springs...just curious that I had the exact problem. One other spring was too short dont remember which now.

I hear that DSA makes a spring kit. You might want to give them a shot.

Orion 762 December 05, 2003 03:07

I replaced ALL the springs on an Imbel "kit build" with the Falcon Arms set, and they work great! No problems at all, gas regulator running about 5-6 using milsurp. Didn't try the TPR set. I like the SS idea . . . knowing these springs "should" resists corrosion better.

That said, the original Imbel "kit springs" worked okay as well in this rifle.

Orion 762

The Armour December 05, 2003 03:14

I have used 2 sets from Falcon Arms with the TPR, both work great.

Trooper894 December 05, 2003 11:53

Built 3 rifles from Imbel kits and just went ahead and bought the DSA Spring Kit for each one. Replaced the springs as the rifle was assembled. Why mess with springs that are of unknown condition and care? Have had "0" functioning problems with a 16.25 carbine and 18 in. para. Only one I've had any issues with is a DSA complete Elite Compact Front-End from DSA with short gas system where the gas port came factory drilled out at .115. Excessive recoil, but not a spring kits problem.

jim1of6 December 05, 2003 20:36

I have a set of springs and the TPR kit installed in one of my Imbels and it's functioning fine after about 400 rounds. I really like the TPR kit, big reduction on my Imbel. YMMV

shootist87122 December 05, 2003 21:39


Originally posted by bradc
I purchased the whole spring kit from falcon(all springs + trigger pull) for my STG and have a crisp 4 pound trigger and flawless functuion. No problems here after 1000 rounds. I have to run gas at 4.
Is that 4 pound pull a guess or actual reading from a guage?

Falcon sells quality springs based on my Para recoil kit and two sets of the TPRs.

The TPRs are a balanced set of reduced power springs for the hammer spring, sear spring and trigger return spring. The trigger return spring is a lot less stiff than the factory spring but it's not light enough to give a truly light pull with polished parts (safety/lawyer thingie, I suppose).

They are designed (IMO) to improve the pull in a rifle with a really crappy pull yet maintain reliability over a wide range of [often grungy] parts.

I actually used one of my TPR trigger return springs to increase the pull on a DSA that was doubling. It went from about 4.5 Lbs to 6.5 Lbs with this change (and it stopped doubling). My R1 went from ~8 Lbs to 6.5 Lbs with the TPR kit. A big improvement, but sill not happy I polished the axis pins, replaced the Falcon trigger return spring with a lighter spring and ended up at a hair under 5 Lbs.

Falcon (Griffon5) recommends his springs only be used as a set, btw.

maz December 06, 2003 01:41

i have used falcons springs. had problems with a hammer spring,was replaced no ? asked. great to do bizz with. :)

DoubleA December 06, 2003 07:45

I got a complete spring set including TPR, and they work great in my FAL. The biggest improvement is the lighter trigger pull, it felt like about half of what it used to be. Took it to a 3 gun match, and the reduced trigger pull really improved my split time on double taps.

Jambo December 08, 2003 13:45

Well, after testing out the Tapco springs, I can tell you that the recoil springs are under powered and the hammer spring is under powered, as well. Had about half a dozen light primer strikes and a few times the bolt didn't close because it couldn't strip a round out of the magazine. I'm gonna e-mail Buddie tonight and see what he says. The other springs working O.K.

MisterJG December 08, 2003 14:17

I have a set on my FAL and it works great. I will be buying a second set soon.

Minion82 December 08, 2003 18:19

Got my spings today. Still need to test them out at the range, but I've had no problems with hand cycling. It even loaded a dummy round out of a magazine with no hang-ups.

I was particularly pleased with the rear sight spring, it totally eliminated the remaining wobble.

I'll report back again after my next range trip.

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