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edblevi December 25, 2002 12:17

CAI L1A1 or not?
Okay so what I can figure is that this rifle (bumhole stock version) was built on a metric reciever with inch parts? I'm not an expert but that is what I can tell so far. So one question would be can the lower be replaced with a metric lower (reciever, stock, grip, etc..)? Or I guess I could add the inch parts that are neccesary?

W.E.G. December 25, 2002 12:35

I terms of functionality, you can slap a metric lower on an inch upper (or vice-versa), without making any other changes.

In terms of legality, you gotta have the correct "parts count." That would be 7 US parts if your rifle has a "muzzle attachment."

HD99FXR3 December 25, 2002 12:38

yup, if you add the pistol grip you have to put in US parts to be legal

bykerhd December 25, 2002 16:07

Unless you plan to buy a COMPLETE lower receiver assembly, you need to correctly identify what you now have. Century has fitted Metric and Inch lowers with those "stocks". Take a look at GunThings website. They have some pretty good pictures of parts. With a bit of comparison you should be able to ID what you have.
They also do list some complete assemblies if you decide to go that route. TAPCO and Dan's also have complete Imbel( Brazilian Metric) lower assemblies. DSA has G-1 and stg Metric(more expensive but usually good).
If you buy a complete lower that is different than what you now have, that is Metric vs. Inch or vice versa, you will then need to buy some U.S. made internal parts( probably hammer/trigger/sear ) as what you have now won't fit.

If you need advice on how to spend $1,000 to have your Century be worth $500 then drop me a line and I can explain the route I have taken. Actually, am still on.

edblevi December 27, 2002 19:09

Well I know the reciever is Metric as I have some Inch mags and they won't fit no way. Now as far as I can tell the upper is inch (inch bolt and carry assembly, folding charging handle. My main question was that I saw some metric lowers (complete with internals and buttstock and pistol grip) on Tapco site for like $50? So I thought that sounded cheap and a way to go, if, if it will work? Or go the other route and just order an inch kit and take the parts I need from that and add the US parts. The US parts are a given and I know that. I just want to use original FAL or L1A1 furniture as except for Ironwood the US (plastic) suck, pardon my french.

kc8kk December 28, 2002 09:38


I saw some metric lowers (complete with internals and buttstock and pistol grip) on Tapco site for like $50?
That won't work- the cheap part- because of parts count. The lowers would be all evil foreign parts (gasp!) And darn.

sobrbiker883 December 29, 2002 00:54

Forgive me edblevi, but isn't it the upper receiver that determines which mag a particular receiver will take? My Century (non bumhole newer CAI receiver) is all Inch, as far as I can tell.


edblevi December 29, 2002 01:27

Yes it would be the upper reciever that accepts the mag, you are correct sir! However on mine it is a metric reciever. What I was trying to find out is: if metric parts are interchangable with inch? So far i have found that to be true. This makes it easier for me to bring my rifle not only into legality, but adding on little niceties as well. You have an Inch reciever CAI? Odd I have never seen one, though that means nothing in itself either.

edblevi December 29, 2002 01:29

Oh and an inch mag and metric mag differ from the notch on the front of the mag. I have several inch mags and metric, however the reciever on the CAI will only accept the metric mags, the inch notch is way too big.

sobrbiker883 December 29, 2002 11:11

My receiver is a 2002 Century either made by them or whoever they have make them. Great copy of inch upper, not sure which type-looks just like Australian receivers. Check the shelves at you local purveyor, here in Phoenix a lot of shops have the new Centuries so you may be able to get a good look, or ping me offline and I can shoot you a pic via e-mail.

edblevi December 29, 2002 13:10

Does anyone know what this guy is talking about? Last I checked inch recievers's are only sold by maybe two suppliers and they are $400+, that would make it more than the CAI rifle?

joenau December 29, 2002 15:19

CAI and the metric question
I purcahsed the CAI L1A1 (non bumhole stock) about 6 months ago here in Phoenix @ Lone Wolf and I was told the gun would accept the metric and the inch mags. It does, infact it likes the cheap ugly inch mags more, but will function flawlessly with the metric. My question is not of the legality of the imbel lower on the CAI, but would it function?

edblevi December 29, 2002 20:27

That was my original question? Will it?

sobrbiker883 December 29, 2002 20:33


Does anyone know what this guy is talking about? Last I checked inch recievers's are only sold by maybe two suppliers and they are $400+, that would make it more than the CAI rifle?
If you would like to see what I'm referring to go to and click on "receivers" to view their new inch receivers. Outwardly look like type III fal receiver, but from feed ramp down through mag tab recess are all inch, not to mention inch magrelease, HTS,charging handle, BHO, selector, bolt and carrier, etc.

I'm talking about the rifle in my lap :fal:

Finski December 30, 2002 07:10

Not going to legalities...

Metric lower works on your gun mechanically for sure period.

HOWEVER you will have problems with sigths as Inch is 3mm taller than Metric, might be bit hard to zero it with irons.

And as an added bonus at least I couldnīt fit Inch rearsight to metric lover, too wobly to my taste...

And check your lover if it already has some US parts, century has stamped they own parts with C.
Tapco had Inch lowers also from stripped to complete, or just put WTB on Sales for parts you need(there are plenty of them floating around)


Offctr December 30, 2002 10:13

While they may be using an inch pattern rcvr now almost all of the early CAI L1A1's ("L1a1 sporter") and STG's ("Centurion 58") used metric pattern rcvr's. For the thumbhole stocks they modded the lower by grinding off the grip stud on the L1 kits. If you were to get a stripped tapco inch lower with grip stud (tapco part #FAL2429 $19.99 or FAL2498 $19.99) -transfer all your internals and a US made pistol grip,screw popsicle stick, and stock should put you in non thumbhole-compliance land. Tapco # FAL24465 : L1A1 us amde furniture kit $49.95 , for all but the screw and popsicle stick which you can get with -non us made- #ZFAL24573: L1A1 furniture kit $19.99 (original take offs)
Or you can get the grip stud if you can find one press the cut one out and the new one in,then grip,grip screw,popsicle stick and stock/buttplate will get you the same thing
Check to see if your reciever says "imported by CAI" or "rcvr made in USA" and a manufacturer possibly the rcvr will influence your US parts count and some CAI guns were meant to use mags with US parts added for compliance so as to reduce the number of parts they had to change on the gun itself.

Most of the inch kit on metric rcvr (Aussie kit on an Imbel) I have seen came out with US, gas piston, Hammer ,trigger,sear, pistol grip,buttstock,handguards & Muzzle brake blind pinned on. Reusing the original barrel,gas block,tube assembly charging handle bolt/bolt carrier & lower reciever -minus the us substitute parts- depending upon thumbhole stock and US or imported reciever --your mileage may vary.
The CAI us made two piece gas pistons are shit a couple of vendors have replacements avialable either wait till it serpentines and bang it out from the reciever side (HEY BOB THAT REMINDS ME YOU STILL OWE ME A GAS PISTON!!!) or replace it premptively keeping the original as a fall back The CAI pistons have vise-grip marks behind the threaded joint.
The CAI us made H,T,S are cast and sometimes they work sometimes they dont, if OK leave alone (marked with a stamped "C") I have had good luck with mine.
I replaced My noisemaker(muzzlebrake) with a sleeved flashider for a more original look and to stop chasing my fellow range rats away. HTH

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