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jimmbob November 10, 2010 13:24

Wood Stove Pipe Insulation?
I've got a tin shed on my property that has a wood stove in it and I want to insulate and cover the inside w/plywood. The 6" stove pipe is single wall exiting through the rear on the side through a 7" hole in the tin. What would be the best(and safest) way to insulate around this w/o redoing with double wall pipe?

Thanks, jb

Survey Punk November 10, 2010 13:29

I wouldn't scrimp on this. Spring for the double wall stovepipe.


flopshot November 10, 2010 13:44

leave a six inch clear span around the pipe. how much heat can you lose ?
bring in a combustion air supply to the stove to eliminate cold air infiltration.

alphadog58 November 10, 2010 13:45

Without going to double wall pipe, you need to keep combustibles (plywood) 18" away from the stove pipe.

jimmbob November 10, 2010 14:01

I was thinking of framing around the pipe(with the recommended 18" distance) and using some type of non-combustible insulation then covering with tin. I guess my question really is what types of non-combustible insulation are available? Right now, the whole shed is metal- even the studs.

mxbob November 10, 2010 15:33

You can make your own double wall pipe by putting a larger diameter pipe around the main pipe and putting fiberglass insulation in the space between the two.
Bob Ray

Deltaten November 10, 2010 18:59


Yep! put the 6" inside a section of 8" and make little wavy sheet-metal (section of the pipe?), zig-zag, "Z" shapes all around to 'suspend" it inside..stuff the balance w/fg insul.

I'd insulate with unfaced FG and line the inside with cement board sheeting from James Hardie Products. good stuff for fire-proofing..not code ;but close ;)

Texgunner November 10, 2010 19:17

A local sheet-metal shop can probably build you a short "double-flue", a double-walled stove pipe. I worked as a tinsmith for 13 years and built many of them to any custom length. They ran through attics up through a flashing on the roof capped by a custom-built flue-jacket/cap. We called the short double-flues "thimbles" and it seems like I've seen pre-fabbed ones at lumber yards around here. Of course, those aren't even close to the quality of our shop built product.

jimmbob November 10, 2010 19:21

Cool, thanks a bunch guys! I'm getting much closer to figuring this whole thing out. Yep, nowhere close to being code but I just wanna make sure it's safe.

Thanks, jb

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