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Ned Flangers December 16, 2007 20:47

Unleaded instead of white gas?
Do I understand correctly that one can substitute unleaded gasoline in old Coleman stoves and lanterns instead of the naptha white gas? Without any problems? White gas is up to about $10 a gallon!:uhoh:
Thanks, Ned

sct1886 December 16, 2007 20:52

I have done it on many occasion.

gunnut1 December 16, 2007 21:12

Don't used unleaded in a Coleman anything. Ir will eventuall clog up the generator. I have tried this in a Military Coloman lantern and the unleaded would clog the generator in hours. On white gas it ran for ever.

English Mike December 16, 2007 21:19

There's some nasty stuff in unleaded that you don't want to be breathing.:skull:

L1A1rocker December 16, 2007 23:03

Re: Unleaded instead of white gas?

Originally posted by Ned Flangers
Do I understand correctly that one can substitute unleaded gasoline in old Coleman stoves and lanterns instead of the naptha white gas? Without any problems? White gas is up to about $10 a gallon!:uhoh:
Thanks, Ned

No. Coleman in the last 10 years or so has come out with dual fuel products that can use unleaded. The older stuff though, is strictly white gas only.

Ned Flangers December 16, 2007 23:44

Yeah, I have older stuff from when I was a kid.
Next question:
Is Coleman white gas just naptha, and is straight naptha ok to burn?! :eek:

Thank you for all the info!:)

FN74 December 17, 2007 00:22

I thought white gas was just benzine?

lew December 17, 2007 09:41

It's a mix of various hydrocarbons, mostly paraffins, with benzene making up only a small percentage.

Bwana John December 17, 2007 11:22

I have used unleaded gas in many stoves and lanterns intended for white gas.

As gunnut said, the generators will clog up and need to be replaced abot 3 times as often as just running white gas fuel.

Colman does have different generators for white gas, duel fuel, and unleaded only.

I have found that low octane unleaded seems to work better than the 91 octane fuel.

SHARPSHOOTER December 17, 2007 11:26

I just upgraded to duel fuel stove. And yes unleaded will ruin a white gas stove.

PBR Streetgang December 17, 2007 11:32

I've used half white - half unleaded for years with no problem.

dscottch December 19, 2007 08:44

I was always told to use the clear unleaded gasoline. Amoco 93 was clear and we used it for years, but I also cleaned my lanterns and stoves yearly. Never had one quit on me, but I surely could be wrong. I think the logic was that the tint in gasolines (to distinguish them from each other) was what clogged up the generators. One again, I might be wrong but this has been my mileage.

For what its worth, I bought six gallons of Colemans when it was still 4 dollars! So obviously I prefer to use it instead of gasoline.

Jez Cruzen December 19, 2007 09:44

Forty odd years ago when I was a Boy Scout, I remember the Scout Master filling up the fuel cans with Amoco "white gas" for the lanterns/stoves before every camping trip. Coleman fuel was too expensive for us even back then. We never had any problems.

I thought then (as now) that the reason Amoco was used was because it was lead free, unlike the other brands that contained lead.

fire for effect December 29, 2007 09:13

I just buy the dual Feul lanterns and Stoves.

Pluribus December 29, 2007 14:05

17 year former Coleman employee here. Gas stove, lantern and mantle production.

Coleman fuel is napthalene. Any kind of naptha fuel will work in the older stoves and lanterns. Unleaded in these appliances will indeed cause premature failure due to carbon build up in the generator tip and body but, of most concern is that it will burn at a much higher temperature of approximately 1000*-1100*. The generators, as well other components, are high temp silver soldered with industrial silvaloy solder which flows at approx. 1200* Not a good idea and Coleman does warn you to use the correct fuel.

Use the multi-fuel products if you don't want the expense of "white gas" otherwise, you're just flirting with disaster.

Stay safe O my brothers, cheap isn't worth the risk. I have plenty of horror stories of people not using the correct fuel in the older appliances. Y'all that have been doing it have simply been lucky so far. Please don't push your luck.


dscottch December 29, 2007 14:18

Thank you Pluribus for bringing the credentials and I will only use it in emergency situations from here on. :bow:

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