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Court in Fl March 16, 2002 23:08

Century Arms Receiver (Review)
Hello to all.

As I reported a few days ago Century Arms International is running a special on there L1A1 U.S. made receivers cost $150.00 + shipping.
I received my receiver a few days ago and the machine work and the casting looks much better than the one Hesse receiver I built in the past does. (Have used over 20 Imbels).

The receiver sent me is marked R1A1, but is INCH pattern type 3.

The magazine well is INCH.
It is cut for the INCH dust cover.
It is cut for the INCH folding cocking handle.
The feed ramp is cut with a ball mill like a 1911 .45 auto.
( one big ramp, not one on each side)
The ejector block is installed; they used a surplus full auto ejector block
But receiver is not cut for sear. (Of course.)
It is cut for the carrying handle.

I tried to test fit a few parts and this is what I found.

Inch cocking handle fit with no problem.

Inch dust cover fit OK.

British and Australian lowers DID NOT fit as I would have wanted.
Would not latch closed without working on the latch.
I tried Metric lowers just to see how they would fit.
Would not fit STG or Imbel lowers.
But the 2 G-1 Metric lowers fit with no problem.

I tried to screw in the INCH British barrel I have without the breaching washer and the barrel stopped short of Top dead center.
This means it is hitting the shoulder where the feed ramp is
(same problem as a Hesse) . I was able to grind on the shoulder and get the barrel to index past Top dead center so I can now use the breaching washer to index at TDC.

I think you could build a nice INCH kit on this receiver but I donít think I would use it for metric unless I used an inch cocking handle.
I canít comment on headspacing, as I have not installed the barrel yet.
I would say this is a better receiver than the one Hesse receiver I worked on but I would not recommend it for a first build.
This is not as good as a IMBEL receiver. ( no surprise ).

Court in FL.

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