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Blood of Tyrants April 25, 2006 20:58

7.62 WRA 69 Armor Piercing ammo
Picked up 20 rounds of 308 AP at a gunshow a few months ago. Headstamp WRA 69. What is it worth? Is this collectable ammo?

ammolab April 27, 2006 09:30

Real US GI 7.62NATO AP is not as common as 30-06 AP but still not in the class of a valuable collectable round. I say 'real' US GI because much of what you find at the gun shows is just pulled 30-06 bullets loaded into surplus fired brass.

If Original AP ammo you should be able to see the cannalure cut or rolled in the bullet where the case neck is crimped into it. 30-06 bullets have to be seated BELOW their cannalure when loaded into 7.62x51mm brass to have the correct overall length for the NATO cartridge.

I was in the ARMY for 2 years in the 1960s, and the only US GI 7.62NATO AP I ever saw was in big cans for the "Spooky" C47 gunships with GE miniguns aboard. That was a unique mix of ammo with something like 4 ball, 2 AP, 2API and 1 Tracer. I guess used to shoot up trucks on the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Hebrew Battle Rifle April 27, 2006 13:13

Hang onto it. In 50 years it will be very collectable and you will be glad that you kept it.

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