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v188 November 21, 2004 23:03

Mitchell Mauser? Opinions?
I want to buy my 16 yoa son a 98 Mauser, since he keeps after me, and I screwed up and didn't buy one a year ago when there was a bunch of them around.

That said, I see in SGN that Mitchell Mauser sells a nice looking package. Any comments on them?

Any ideas where to get a nice Mauser any more? I don't want a beater, and Runes aren't important to him. He just wants a nice looking Mauser.

So, what do my C&R compadres have to say? Help!

vmtz November 21, 2004 23:10

I think that they are over priced. Try SOG, AIM or FAC.


gates November 21, 2004 23:16

DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! first off they are WAY overpriced-got brand new ones from COLES DISTRIBUTING for $100, second, they advertise M48s and send M48As.

you have been warned


Ssarge November 21, 2004 23:21

Mitchell's Mausers are waaaay over priced. They do look good, have flashy stocks and you don't have to clean the cosmo off. You can check on auctionarms or gunbroker and find some overpriced ones, and some deals. LC Enterprises has been really good to me. They will hand pick what you want and even send photo's of a couple so you can pick the one you want. Here is a link:

skfullgun November 22, 2004 02:36

I personally have a problem with them advertising them as K-98-M-48 rifles. There is a significant difference between the two in regard to length of the action and rarity. The Mitchell Mausers are pristine and beautiful. I could only justify the price ($300 in the recent "American Rifleman") if I were going to place it in a safe and keep it for return on my investment. Otherwise, I have acquired M-48's and M-48A's for $90-$120 that were equally nice with a little elbow grease.

Mitchell's caters to the rich crowd. Unfortunately, that's not me.

skfullgun November 22, 2004 02:40

Please note that the K-98/M-48 is NOT a K-98. The length of action on the Yugo Mauser is about 1/4" (perhaps more like 1/8") shorter. There is a difference. That's why I have a problem with them for advertising them as such. The average person will not realize there is a significant difference and it will impact the collectibility of the weapon.

1006587 November 22, 2004 07:43

My Dad bought one for, gulp, $350 after he read a write-up on them in a gun mag. There is no doubt that it is a really nice example of a Yugo(not German) Mauser, his looks factory new. The Yugo that I got a month before he got his was almost as good and I paid $99 for it. It was soaked in cosmoline and I didn't get a certificate of authenticity but it is the same rifle.

I would never buy a rifle directly from Mithells because the flat out lie about what the rifle is. And they charge double to three times what it is worth. used to have them for about $199 which is a fair price because they have a bayonet and some other goodies including the priceless certificate of authenticity.

The Mitchells that I have seen were a bit better than taking one off the top of the pile at the gunshow or mail order gamble. They are already cleaned up but worth double the price??? You decide. I don't recall reading about someone sending one back because it was bad. Someone at Mitchells actually looks at the thing and makes sure it is not a turd.

The Yugo 24/47 is better rifle anyway. Older school, milled parts, and smoother.

That's my .02c

bouncer50 November 22, 2004 09:39

Nice rifles but over price in my opinion. My local gunshop has two of them they got last year. they want 450.00 each for them. Guess what they still have both of them:rolleyes: I bought a couple of them a few years ago from Wholesale Guns and Ammo for 149.95 each for the M48A model. They were close to new with all the goodie:)

M1950 November 22, 2004 10:55

The M-48 has a shorter action. That limits you, in my opinion. If you want a 98K type, and you don't want to spend a fortune, try a vz24 and turn down the bolt handle, or just get a 98 bolt and have it head spaced.

K.O.A.M. November 22, 2004 17:00

Also, if you buy him one of the rifles covered in Cosmoline, he'll have to strip and clean it himself. My dad made me do that with mine, and after you've broken down and scrubbed the cosmo out of a rifle, you always work just that little bit harder to keep it clean.

Powderfinger November 22, 2004 18:01

I'd like to pick up one the "sanitized" versions of the 48 built for the Egyptians in the '50 that were never issued. Anyone know who's got a decent price on 1 of those?

mojo_matic November 22, 2004 22:58

If you want to buy your son a super cool and nice K98 rifle, pick up a RC (Russian Capture) German K98. They are usually mixmasters, but are true German WWII K98 rifles that were rearsenaled by the Russians and stored away. The examples that I have seen were beautiful, and had the cool Nazi markings. True pice of history, inexpensive, like new, and won't need extensive cleaning. They seem to be picking up up in value as well since most people don't have SEVERAL hundred $$$ to drop on matching German K98 rifles....especially if they are looking for a guilt free shooter.

There are plenty out there, and can be found for around $300 give or take.

neminion November 22, 2004 23:04

Forget Mitchell. I work down the road from them and they told me NOT to drop by because they don't allow the public in.

I went to a local shop, handpicked an excellent non-Mitchell M48A and saved $200. Still lots of Yugos out there.

And the K98 deceptive ads....piss me off. The Russian capture K98s are still around if you want a kicker K98.

16R40 November 22, 2004 23:16

there are plenty of yugo M48As out there that are in near new condition or unissued condition for a lot better prices then MITCHELL around.

Hawkish November 23, 2004 02:23

Get a K98 Russian capture from Empire Arms. They may be non matching but they are Nazi issue which adds to the cool factor!!

You'll still find excellent condition Yugo's on Gunbroker. Check these 2 out.

Yugo 1

Yugo 2

darkknight9 November 23, 2004 02:58

aim #1

Aim #2

Allan's Armory


Russ November 23, 2004 12:31

What they all said on the RC "real" K98's -- the Yugos are not a bad little rifle, but the kraut k98 is the real deal -- they LOOK like how a gothic rifle is supposed to look. My m48's stay in the rack, the K98's get loving attention all the time --tremendous cool factor for visitors too


idsubgun November 23, 2004 20:22

I've got a brand new Mitchell Mauser and it cost me $30. I brought in a bunch when they were new and when all was said and done with my dealer cost and selling retail, I have a whopping $30 in a brand new M48 Mauser.

I've owned, and have brought in, M48/48A's from most major dealers and I can tell you the nicest arsenal reconditioned M48 doesn't compare to a new one. I just sold a M48 from my collection that was arsenal refurbished to a board member. This rifle is beautiful! But not new.

Would I pay the money they want for the Mitchell's now? No. But remember, when Mitchell first brought these out, they were the only game in town, with a Mauser rifle not seen before in the states.
Mitchell needs to lower their prices. Even their ammo is ridiculous!

idsubgun November 23, 2004 20:25


Originally posted by Russ
What they all said on the RC "real" K98's -- the Yugos are not a bad little rifle, but the kraut k98 is the real deal -- they LOOK like how a gothic rifle is supposed to look. My m48's stay in the rack, the K98's get loving attention all the time --tremendous cool factor for visitors too


One thing to remember. That Yugo M48 has better steel in it then the late war k98's. Yugoslavia is THE region for mining the alloys for making steel. This is where Germany got most of their steel during the war but as the war wore on, the trains hauling the goods couldn't make it to Germany without getting blown off the tracks so the steel in the later k98's suffered a little.

mauser88 November 24, 2004 10:55

I have one. Wood and metal is perfect. Well worth the $299.00 I paid for it as I haven't seen any better.

Rawles November 24, 2004 11:36

The success of Mitchell's Mausers is proof that P.T. Barnum's maxim
is still in force: "There's a sucker born every minute."
It is only with slick marketing and large advertising
budget (paying for all those full page ads) that so many
people are willing to pay a 120%+ markup on their Mausers.
There are comparable guns at every gun show for less
than half the price. (More in line with the traditional 10% to
20% markup on military surplus guns.)

BTW, my personal preference runs toward Model
1893, 1894, 1895, and 1896 Mausers that are pre-1899
production and hence Federally exempt "antiques" requiring NO paperwork.
Yes, I sell pre-1899 Mausers, but by all means shop around.
Other competitive pre-1899 Mauser vendors include SAMCO Global Sales,
Kristofer Gassior, and Emprie Arms. I'll be happy to e-mail you my catalog upon request.

OBTW, the FAQ that I wrote on pre-1899 guns is available for free download at:

Bama November 25, 2004 08:39

My only advise would be to go look at a 98k and M48 side by side. They are not the same, and then choose which he likes, then the shopping can begin.

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