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Andy2205 December 25, 2017 08:06

Savage M10 FCP XLR Chassis
I didn't get a new rifle for my birthday, but while looking around for a new stock, I came across an instant savings deal from XLR Industries. Ordered an aluminum Evolution chassis for my Savage model 10 FCP. Had to wait on higher scope rings to shoot it, but it turned out to be worth the wait. I can't hold a group worth a crap so I won't bother with group photos. I'll post one when I shoot one I can brag about. Still capable of smashing clay pigeons out to 300yds.

The chassis uses AICS standard magazines and I'll have to pay and play until I find some that will work really well. The Magpul version has to be smacked to get it to seat firmly although it does feed properly.

The Silencerco Saker 7.62 does a lot to quit the rifle and the drops are easy to figure with the Leupold scope. The Atlas bipod is a pass around for the other rifles that I own with Picatinny rails. Looking at picking up an Accu-Shot PRM monopod. If all goes well I'll try the club's F class match next month. This set-up is a big change from the plastic stock and Harris bipod. Turned into a no brainer when I looked at bottom metal and magazine prices to feed the short action.

ArtBanks December 25, 2017 08:41

Excellent all the way around.
I have monopods on a couple of my rifles and they are great. I use the same scope as you have on this rifle but had it off for some iron sight competition.

Here she is with the scope attached. Not bolt action , but she shoots in the .7 area as is.

Semper Fi

Andy2205 December 25, 2017 09:12

That Leupold has proven to be the best investment I've made for shooting the .308 round. I have a hand load made up for the rifle in stock configuration. When I finish off the last of them I'll play with the load development some.

My other .308 is an M1A in Sage chassis with Basset mount and IOR scope. Shoots much better these days.

ArtBanks January 03, 2018 05:56

Savage BA Stealth 6.5 CR. Love my Leupolds.

Semper Fi

hueyville January 05, 2018 19:07

Question, is the barreled action just dropped in that Star Wars stock or was it bedded and fit by a custom rifle smith? Have customized factory rifles in their original stocks that will shoot single hole groups at 100 and others that shoot under 4" at 600 yards. Scope box stock or been sent off for custom reticle, glass trued and square plus proprietary purging? My smith used the factory parts or as many as possible and sent back rifles that looked stock but shot like a laser guided rail gun.

ArtBanks January 06, 2018 10:05

The Savage BA 10 Stealths are blueprinted as they are assembled by Savage.
I had a gent with one in .308 let me try it on my range and decided I would try the 6.5 CR and could not be happier.

Semper Fi

hueyville January 06, 2018 14:14

Thanx, have an affinity for the newer generation Savage rifles and their triggers. Did bed two of the ones I have in wood stocks and it helped them both. Have a Savage single shot 22 Hornet that with the stiffness that no magazine well gives the action, fine factory trigger and 6-18x Leupold scope it has never gone pop wituout varmint downrange not even knowing it had been shot, instantly all went from good to dead. Buddy was hunting off my rear deck and had multiple deer in back yard, waved at me in window (was cooking breakfast) and pointed toward far side of back yard. Stepped out side door, soon as heard his 257 crack squeezed the Hornet and the deer fell DRT faster than other shot with the 257.

May have to look more seriously at the space rifles as know your a discerning marksman. If properly mounting scope and swapping on a suppressor adaptor is all that's needed to have a happy rifle then plastic Star Wars guns will work for me. Have spent more having a factory wood stock stabilized and properly fit to action than a nice aftermarket stock cost in past but like wood. It's odd realizing there are so many options now that do not have to go to a smith before they will shoot satisfactorily.

Laminated wood has really become a favorite as has some character and stability out of the box. Don't care how odd some rifles look but have tended toward more traditional look on turn bolts. Have a couple of those in LGS (one in 6.5 even) and did manage to decide was darn easy to fit stock to myself or most anyone and trigger is crisp as need though not a six ounce custom. WI'll hAve to put trigger gauge on the 6.5 at the shop for educational purposes. How does your 6.5 shoot at 100, then how does it hold up in the 400 to 500 yard range?

ArtBanks January 06, 2018 14:46

I can't tell you anything past 200 as of yet but I can easily connect bullet holes out to 200 with commercial Federal Berger 130 match. If it ever warms up I can report on my handloads. I loaded up a bunch of Lapua brass with 147 gr Hornady ELD bullets and Varget and another batch with 130 gr Berger VLD and N550.
For now with the temp below zero in the morning, I haven't got much urge to shoot.
I don't ever plan on any of the .1 benchrest type shooting. Mind is prone using the bipod.

Andy2205 January 09, 2018 06:33

Update on the Savage M10/XLR chassis rifle. I ordered and added an BT12-QK – Standard height PRM (Precision Rail Monopod) with QK01 Quick Knob, to round out the front and back support. Sunday, although it was pretty cold and I'm getting over the crud I came down with after Christmas, I made a run to the range. Using the last of the 168gr loads I had made up for the M10, I checked the zero on the scope and shot some groups. I couple of things on the butt section of the stock had shot loose on the first trip, due to my not applying enough torque on the first go round. I don't usually shoot groups, I rather enjoy shooting reactive targets like clay pigeons or gongs. I did manage to pull together a triplet of good efforts, shooting 168gr. Amax on top of 41.6gr of IMR 4895. Groups were shot at 100yds.

.761" or .726 MOA

.878" or .838 MOA

.445" or .425 MOA

The Savage M10 FCP was advertised as a sub 1 MOA rifle out of the box, but I never got anywhere near to these groups. I don't regret dropping it in the XLR chassis one bit. I have one last piece inbound from Glades Armory, a Savage Tactical Bolt Handle Right Hand Black w/1.75” knurled black knob. Need to get cranking on the press, there is a 300yd F class match this coming Saturday. Depending on what I get done, I'll shoot the Savage or the MK14 clone.

Just fixed the image sizes, sorry about that, having to learn how to use Imgur since Photobucket got money hungry.

ArtBanks January 09, 2018 08:24

Nice. I too like reactive targets. My favorite is AR-500 prairie dogs at 150 yds.
Then Willy the bad guy " precision rifle" active target. Willie lives and dies at 100 yds.

Semper Fi

Andy2205 January 09, 2018 17:40

Art, do you have any photos of how Willy is put together. We have a pretty full metal fab shop at work and I could probably get one cranked out.

I have a full size IPSC man and a 13" gong already. The more targets the merrier.

ArtBanks January 09, 2018 18:08

I don't. He came from BigDog steel .com. I have both the precision Willy and a sniper target from them.
I would be happy to trudge out through the snow and take a couple of photos for you. Supposed to warm up to 50 by Friday.

Love the AR-500 targets. In the photo of my range you can see tombstones and hanging gongs at 150yds and right in front of them are my prairie dogs. The closer targets are at 100yds.

Here is a boring view from my prone shooting position. Targets start at 50' and go out to 150 yds.

Had to do a little looking, but here is one with Willy at 100 yds.

Semper Fi

Andy2205 January 09, 2018 20:33

Ok, checked out the video on the manuf. website, I think we can cobble that up. Just have to source steel.


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