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Near Sighted Sniper December 17, 2017 22:37

MSAR owners, have a question.
I have an opportunity to buy an MSAR with 16 mags for $1500.
I love my AUG but know practically nothing about the MSAR's. Are they just as good as the Steyr Aug or not worth the $$?
I was thinking about getting another Aug sometime after Feb [Disney trip], I want the mud color rifle but if this is a decent deal I might just go with the MSAR instead of the Steyr.

What do you guys think?
Thanks, Mick/NSS.

AGG December 17, 2017 23:00

What generation MSAR??? :confused:


gentlemanjoe December 17, 2017 23:11

I had one that I ran suppressed. It was pretty accurate and reliable. I ran a Gemtech G5 on it and of course that back pressure from the can kept the action dirty. Mine would start to experience failures to eject after about 400 or so rounds (adjusting the gas key would make it run again) but after a good cleaning would run like a sewing machine again. I never ran it unsuppressed in long stints but assume it would run great for much longer periods without cleaning.

Near Sighted Sniper December 18, 2017 09:50


Originally Posted by AGG (Post 4514922)
What generation MSAR??? :confused:


Good question? Iíll find out

Thanks Gentlemanjoe

AdrianE December 18, 2017 18:20

I love my MSAR
I have a Gen 2 that runs like a top. Never had a problem with it at all. It is scary accurate and I love it. But I did get a little worried when I started hearing about the broken extractors, Bolts and Bolt Sleeves.

From what I gather, the extractors were breaking when using steel cased ammo. I never run that crap myself, anyway but don't hold me to that statement. Im sure heat treatment and material choices may have had a hand in all that.

With no support from Microtech, it was somewhat troubling. I found out about Ratworx. They use to be involved with Microtech in some way or another, and they are making a hybrid bolt that uses standard AR-15 extractors and improved bolt sleeves.

I bought both along with a new cocking piece and took them out for a test run and they ran fine. So there is some piece of mind there. Aaron at Ratworx is just awesome.

I paid close to $2000 for my MSAR and was worried it was gonna someday turn into a paperweight. One sexy ass paperweight, but still. . . And thanks to Ratworx I have a backup. Now maybe a firing pin, and gas plug and/or piston might be in order.

Near Sighted Sniper December 18, 2017 22:50

Thanks AdrianE.
I asked the seller twice which generation it was but got no answer, just more pics. I think I'm gonna pass. I'll stick with Steyr, after all they are the originator of the Aug, & it is very highly thought of.

Doug_262 December 19, 2017 02:02

My scope went out & all they offered me was a another rail (already bought a rail when I bought the rifle) because they neither had the ability to repair their product or replace it - & this was when they were still in buisiness.

I had a spare stockset for it, two extra complete bolt carrier groups as well as other spares.

Felt comfortable with it until I noticed that the bolt was hammering & peening the trunnion. All they were going to do to fix it was to machine the damage out.

Looks like an AUG but nothing like an AUG. MSAR made it so that the parts are enough dimensionally different that you are forced to use only their parts. Parts that suffered from zero quality control & shady ethics.

And that price is a complete rip off.

Tombstone & Budís have AUGs starting at $1600 & buy it by Dec 31st to be eligible for the $100 rebate from Steyr.

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