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Oz308 December 06, 2017 20:13

Some noob 1911 questions
Hi All-

1911 Noob, who likes old Colts.

Was looking at a 1911 a friend has. Done a bit of online searching, it seems it was made in 1947, a Commercial model, from a S/N lookup. (C230XXX)

As a 1911 noob (only owned one years ago, an Auto Ordnance, for a short time), other than looking for obvious physical defects, anything else to be cautious of on an old Colt? From what I can tell, nothing has been modified on it, it just has some honest slight wear of the bluing around the edges. The PO said it had a chipped grip panel, and he found a set of old looking panels with the Colt logo, they're wood.

If it checks out safe/ok, the intent is to just keep it as is. Always have liked the old Colts, just never been able to afford one...not too sure what to offer, what would be fair. I don't have any pics at this time, just looked at it this morning.

Outside of something like a cracked frame or anything else a deal breaker on an old 1911? If any parts are needed, can you still get (quality) Made in USA, non-MIM internal parts?

Any advice, or list of checks to do, etc., is greatly appreciated...if there might be links to such info here on the Files, could you let me know. I have been typing in various search terms/phrases, but haven't hit anything yet.

Thanks for your time, it's appreciated.

hueyville December 07, 2017 09:11

No advice on value without pictures as varies widely based on condition and originality. Plenty of original period correct parts still around if needed.

VALMET December 07, 2017 16:36

Check on GB to see what earlier commercial 1911s are bringing (not asking prices). Thatís the shortest post Iíve ever seen from you hueyville

hueyville December 08, 2017 11:57

Can trim it if need...

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