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Timber Wolf November 09, 2017 15:52

Any love for Gen 2s?
I just realized that half of my Glock "collection" are old Generation 2 models. This after picking up a Gen 2 G19 last week. This one was added to a Gen 2 G20, Gen 2 G23, Gen 3 G23, Gen 4 G34, and a Gen 4 G41 MOS. Dang, just how did I end up with six Glocks? At any rate I do like the old slick (no finger bump) grip on the Gen 2 models. I see Glock figured this out as well and went back to it on the Gen 5.:wink: Seems "perfection" is a moving target at Glock.

hagar November 09, 2017 16:30

I never liked Glocks much, but I have 6 as well.

But I do not like the Gen 1 or 2 models, except for my G20 I bought in 1996.

The first Glock I ever shot was a Gen 1 G17 around 1992 or so, and neither me or my friend who owned it could hit a paper plate at 7 yards consistently. Not my shooting, that gun was seriously messed up. Maybe he put it together wrong, don't know. He ended up selling or trading it off.

First one I bought was the G20, as I just had to have a 10mm. This was a totally different animal than the G17 I shot, I would not say it is quite as accurate as my Sig 229 in 357 Sig, but it comes close. It shoots better than the G20SF I bought a couple of years ago.

Also own a G26 Gen 2.5/G19 Gen 3/G33 Gen 3/G22 Gen 4. Had a G23 Gen 2 which I sold to the guy that had the G17, he still has it.

Elwarpo November 09, 2017 17:44

Gen 2 G20 also, but with the 6" glock targer barrel. Sticks out of the slide but I like the longer barrel. Also have a gen 4 19, 22 and 41. The grip I like the best is the lone wolf timberwolf frame on their version of the 17.

ftierson November 09, 2017 19:01

I carry a Gen 2 Glock 17...

Guess I must like it... :)


Tactical Baron November 09, 2017 19:30

Nothing wrong with the Gen 2's, I personally never cared for that cut out in the frame for stripping out a mag, and the finger grooves line up nicely for my hands; but to each their own.

gaijinsamurai November 10, 2017 13:50

I carried a Gen 2 as a duty pistol way back in the day. Grew fond of it, and wish I still had it.

VALMET November 10, 2017 13:54

I have a 23 that was a gift from a very close friend. CFG-prefix (1997 mfg) so late Gen 2 mfg, carried it for years and it shows. . It has been retired and it sitting in one of my safes.

pre1989 November 10, 2017 15:30

I think I am one of the few people who dont mind the finger groves and who they work for

Gen 2 guns are cool ..But frankly I like the look of the gen 1 for some reason

Nomad, 2nd November 10, 2017 18:06

I perfer 3rd Gen glocks.
...only thing with finger groves I like.

That said:
I'll pick up a cheap Gen 2 when I see it.

grumpy1 November 11, 2017 01:06

I still have my Gen 2 G20, first Glock I bought and itís not for sale. I have owned some where around 10 Glocks. Wonít own a Gen 4 but do like the Gen 3.

Impala_Guy November 14, 2017 21:29

I have two G17s...a gen 2 and a gen 3. Not my favorite shootin irons but there is a beauty in the guns simple lines, seeming longevity and utter reliability. I cant ever remeber having a Glock experience a stoppage in thousands of rounds I've fired through them. I like having a couple that were actually made in Austria that still have the tennifer finish as opposed to the rocky quality start the US made guns had. The CZ 75 and its derivatives are a more refined, appealing pistol IMHO. I have a 75B and recently handled a 97B, coming away impressed that it gets 10 shots of .45 ACP in a grip that feels the same width as a 1911. Its next on my list.

I carry the Gen 2 constantly. Mostly open carry on my farm when I am out there working, hunting, or shooting. With three magazines I have an entire box of ammo on me. The frame has some knit lines around the take down bar slot from the molding process that make me wonder how long before a crack develops from the slide pounding it. My gen 3 doesnt have these. I like the clean look of the gen 2 without the finger groves and ugly ass picatinny rail on the dust cover that the 3rd gen has.

At the last gun show there was a extremely well used Gen 1 G17 for sale for $375. The slide was only about 50% finish left and the frame had lost a lot of its finer texture and was mostly glossy. Over on the glock forum there was some claim that a lot of big city police department and academy armorers used to dip the entire lower of the gun in a solvent bath to clean them en masse which gave this result. Wonder what stories that gun could have told.

Both my guns have the characteristic "pig nose" where the dust cover curves up and kisses the underside of the front of the slide. I only recently found out that this was simply an unintentional molding warpage thats considered acceptable by the manufacturer. I always thought it was a design feature to put a little upward pressure on the slide just as it closed (IE an accuracy aid). Maybe an unintentional benefit as the slides have much less play in them when closed than most other service pistols (except the CZ and high end 1911s).

On a side note, I really like the way most European pistol makers number the barrels and slides to the frame. This really appeals to me aesthetically for some reason.

ByronF November 25, 2017 08:35

Used to not like Glocks but I came around. Just got a police trade G22. Relieved trigger guard and knocked off the front strap humps. Feels good in the hand.

base704 November 25, 2017 11:38


Originally Posted by ByronF (Post 4505516)
Used to not like Glocks but I came around.

I was the same way...
Then I realized that when looking for a tool to carry and potentially defend one's life, I can think of nothing simpler or more reliable. :bow:
There are prettier and quite probably more accurate options out there, but I believe the Glock is the total package for self defense/concealed carry. :shades:

spider991 November 27, 2017 19:59

Timber wolf,

Love the glocks ya got but you are missing a very important piece. .... the Glock 20 or my favorite the G40!!! Can't wait till they make a gen5 20 or 29:uhoh:

VALMET November 27, 2017 20:46

Can't get on board with the ambi slide-stop on the new Gen5s. An extra lever hanging off of the gun that I don't use.

gunshooter November 27, 2017 21:25

I just think the gen I's and II's are the cat's pajamas!:love:

I just like slipping on a Hogue grip sleeve and the gen II is like a foxy at the beach in a sexy bikini bottom!:D

I don't like the molded finger grips in the later models. the plastic is not happy like rubber. Maybe it's a latex thing?:uhoh:

I recently got a gen III and slipped a hogue on it and the universe is got it's fung schwey aligned again!:angel:


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