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hueyville October 06, 2017 07:27

Two Testicles Tactical/Order at your own risk.
See below:


Order #1206 confirmed

Two Testicles Tactical <>To *********@yahoo.comMonday, January 9, 2017 2:00 PMClick to View Full HTML

Two Testicles TacticalORDER #1206 Thank you for your purchase!

Hi Michael, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

View your orderor*Visit our storeOrder summaryAac Blackout Fh 7.62mm 51t 9-16-24lh**1. $79.19

Subtotal. $79.19

Shipping. $8.76

Total. $87.95 USD

Since April have called and left mesage or emailed at least once a month. Never gotten a live person on phone, return email or call. Going to start posting to message boards and see if they notice. They still spam me trying to get me to buy more stuff. Never received a shipping confirmation, charge is on credit card and never been refunded. Ten months is a long time to process an order and not send an update.

At advice of others scrubbed my email addy. It was my public address and will give to any files members that might not already have if ask. Have a family email, friends email, three work emails and some odd drop boxes use through public WiFi on whitewashed computer. Think will survive but fewer webots that pick it up the less spam.

xtremerange October 06, 2017 12:01

I know it sucks but anyone who would name their business "Two Testicles Tactical" is likely a douchebag.

gentlemanjoe October 06, 2017 12:26

Knock Knock Knock:

Prostitute: Can I help you?:love:
John: I'd like to get fucked.:biggrin:
Prostitute: Slide $50 under the door.:)

Knock Knock Knock Knock::redface:

Prostitute: Can I help you?:angel:
John: Yea, I'd like to get fucked.:redface:
Prostitute: Again?::]:devil:

hueyville October 06, 2017 16:24

They were only vendor that showed left hand thread AAC 51T suppressor adaptors in stock. Finding anyone with oddball suppressor stuff at time was hard due to new rule panic. So took a gamble on a company had never done business with that believe would do better with a less obtrusive name. Bought three in marketplace here while waited and had two users get mad at seller and me for not sharing them. Seller said first to pay got them and I paid in five minutes. Nine months and no replies to emails, phone calls or voicemails finally sent email telling them was going to post my receipt and tale.

Also told them would be spreading my woes among other more popular discussion forums if situation was not handled. Magically a real person has emailed me three times now wanting to know if prefer refund, part I ordered or store credit. Do not need anymore left hand thread FAL suppressor adapters so asked them if had another item actually in stock to ship and said they do. If it arrives will say they did eventually make it right. If it doesn't, will post this on a dozen or so discussion groups of size and wider readership.

Everyone drops the ball on occasion, sometimes have to bump heads to get them back in the game. If they beat me out of what I paid for and will be the third time in my life of buying online. One fleabay vendor with over 4,000 transactions sold me three fake Chinese knock offs of a $1 item that was out of stock everywhere. (Livestrong rubber bracelets when Lance and his cancer foundation was big) all arrived in similar packaging to real ones but didn't have website address of foundation on wrapper and small made in China copy where the web address should have been. Fleabay shut them down. Another guy on fleabay sold me an airsoft helmet as a true ballistic helmet. Was active duty in military and told me he would not refund my money as photo of item bought was item sent. PayPal refunded my money, fleabay pulled his account and when emailed him to ask where to send helmet back didn't want to provide an address. If these people burn me will cost them more than they made. Think I have their attention now s doing a huge push right now spending large advertising dollars.

NFADLR October 06, 2017 16:38


Charge back on your credit card.

hueyville October 06, 2017 22:11

They actually got in mood to help me. Apparently number on website is not good number to call as gets many calls but would assume that is goal. Same with email, have another use once start receiving items. Late this evening got a confirmation on three items wanted that totalled five bucks more than original order. Getting another annenometer with Bluetooth along with a few shell holders need doublessed and triples in. Believe they are going to fix me up now.

Time limit on charge backs from card users end and let it slip by. Since the item was discontinued from AAC assumed they had ordered through another distributor and was taking time. When scored three here then I beGan chasing them and ringing a bell today. If works out, will do more business with them as product line is expamding. I have dropped ball on clients myself. Was glad they didn't totally freak. Why first 300 posts tried to help Moses by being supportive, abut 350 tred to tell members how to motivate him.

hueyville October 11, 2017 20:26

First two "make up" items arrived today. Now to see if annenometer shows up.

medicmike October 11, 2017 20:56

I think the title of the thread says it all.....I would be pretty skeptical of ordering from a company called Two Testicals

4x401 October 12, 2017 00:04


Originally Posted by gentlemanjoe (Post 4486659)
Knock Knock Knock:

Prostitute: Can I help you?:love:
John: I'd like to get fucked.:biggrin:
Prostitute: Slide $50 under the door.:)

Knock Knock Knock Knock::redface:

Prostitute: Can I help you?:angel:
John: Yea, I'd like to get fucked.:redface:
Prostitute: Again?::]:devil:


Chester Nimitz October 12, 2017 13:46


Originally Posted by NFADLR (Post 4486734)

Charge back on your credit card.

AMEX REP: Yes Mr. Huey, how can we help you.

Mr. Huey: Um, I want to file for a refund on a credit charge please.

AMEX REP: What is the name of the Vendor?

Mr. Huey: Two Testicles Tactical....

medicmike October 12, 2017 16:31


Originally Posted by Chester Nimitz (Post 4489051)
AMEX REP: Yes Mr. Huey, how can we help you.

Mr. Huey: Um, I want to file for a refund on a credit charge please.

AMEX REP: What is the name of the Vendor?

Mr. Huey: Two Testicles Tactical....


Nuttz October 12, 2017 20:07

All I got on this issue!!!


Bama Steve October 17, 2017 00:10


Originally Posted by Nuttz (Post 4489169)

All I got on this issue!!!


THIS, cannot be un-seen once viewed.

Chester Nimitz November 10, 2017 03:30

1 - 800 - GOT - BALLS ?
TESTIS: Two Testicles Tactical Hotline, how may we help you?

CALLER: Uh, Hi Tactical Testicles, uh, I'm a real active shooter. I mean I shoot a lot. Ahh, I want to purchase a Testicles Bump Fire Stock....

TESTIS: Is this an order for a left handed Bump Fire Stock, or, a right handed Bump Fire Stock?

CALLER: Uh, if I use my other hand, will it feel like or sound like another active shooter?

TESITIS: Thank you for asking. Let me put you on hold for a minute so I can put you through to one of our Two Testicles Tactical Service Technicians in the Two Testicles Tactical Service Department who will be better able to answer your question, is that Okay with you?

CALLER: Umm, Sure. OK.

TESTIS: Thank you for holding. Please hold.

(Seven minutes pass while Caller listens to phone system playing "Stairway To Heaven", which is abruptly ended with call taken by the Two Testicles Tactical Service Department)

TESTIS SERVICE: Hi, this is Rick, your Two Testicles Tactical Service Technician, how can I help you?

CALLER: Ahh, the lady from the Testicles Hotline who took my call said I needed to speak with you. I am not sure if I want to purchase a right handed or left handed Tactical Testicles Bump Fire Stock. So what do you recommend?

TESTIS SERVICE: Thank you that is not a problem. All of our bump fire stocks are ambidextrous.

CALLER: So....ahhh....does that mean my partner can use it too?

TESTIS SERVICE: Sure, you bet your significant other can. It is so nice to hear families are spending more quality time at the range and engaging in shooting sports together. Which one of you is the left handed shooter?

CALLER: Umm, He is.... She's a bad bitch. I mean my gun. Like us on Facebook. Huh, huh, huh.

TESTIS SERVICE: Great. Remember all of Two Testicles Tactical's Products are backed by the Two Testis Guarantee for 90 Days to be free from defects or your money back. Please let me put you on hold so I can re-direct your call to the Two Testicles Tactical Orders Department where you can place your order, OK?


(Caller is placed on hold and waits just over seven minutes while the phone system played "Whole Lotta Love" until the song is abruptly ended by the Two Testicles Tactical Orders Department taking the call)

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: Two Testicles Tactical, thank you so much for waiting. I'll be happy to take your order now. Please tell me the item name or stock number of the items you wish to purchase from us today?

CALLER: Umm, I was really getting into that song. Who sang that?

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: I am sorry Sir, I am not sure. I think the Owner hired a local college band to do our promo music. Can I take your order please?

CALLER: NOoooooo ! What is the name of the Owner? I want to ask him what the name of the college band is?

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: The Owner's name is Wun Hung Lo.

CALLER: ONE HUNG LOW? What kind of a name is that?


CALLER: Can you put me through to his extension please? I really want to know the name of that song!

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: I'm sorry, Mr. Lo is currently on a business trip. Can I please take your order?

CALLER: Umm, ok, sure. I would like to order One Testicle Tactical ambidextrous Bump Fire Stock please.

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: That's a Two Testicles Tactical ambidextrous Bump Fire Stock?

CALLER: Ahh, no, only one please.

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: OK, let me look that up. OK, it sadly appears that currently this item is sadly out of stock at the moment. You know we have had a real high demand for these in recent weeks since Las Vegas. I really never saw anything like it. They just sadly sat in our warehouse for weeks and weeks collecting dust since the shipment arrived from China five years ago, and now, they're all gone! Wow, these are really cool stocks and will make your semi shoot just like an M-60 Machine Gun satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! You better get your order in before they are sadly banned by Congress. Would you like me to put you down for a back order, we expect another delivery from our exclusive distributor in Tianjin China in about four weeks, assuming they will clear Customs on time. I will need your credit card and billing information, though. You will be charged $249.00 plus shipping and handling, which will be posted to your credit card today, and will appear on your credit statement as "Two Testicles Tactical". Would you also like to add our Two Testicles Tactical Extended Limited Warranty to the purchase for an additional $30.00?

CALLER: Umm, sure, OK......

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: Can I have your name please?

CALLER: Uhh, my name is Devin Kelley.

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: OK, Kevin. Is your last name spelt "K-E double L-Y

CALLER: Uh, no, it is spelled "K-E- double L - E - Y"

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: Gotch ya. And what state are you calling from?

CALLER: Uhh, Colorado.

TESTIS ORDER DEPARTMENT: I'm sorry, Two Testicles Tactical's company policy is we can not ship to States or Municipalities with communist draconian gun law policies. These include: Commifornia, I meant California, Hawaii, Colorado, Chicago Illinois, New York, New Jersey. Massachusetts, Washington DC, Maryland and wherever prohibited by law. Please know your local restrictions before ordering. Sadly, we can not accept your order.

CALLER: Umm, then can you send it to my ex wife's address in Texas?.....

J. Armstrong November 10, 2017 09:40


Bama Steve November 10, 2017 20:40

Priceless, with a good sense of verisimilitude!


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