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Brian k October 17, 2011 09:40

Zeiss Orion 80 Night vision repair??
Is anybody out their familiar with the Zeiss Orion Fero Z51?

I have one and the reticle adjustment does not is on full "bright" all the time and sometimes goes off by itself.

seems like it could be an easy repair.

All else with the scope functions.

Thanks in advance!


mrf2 October 20, 2011 14:28


The only thing that you might be able to do to fix the problem with out fully taking the scope apart is adjusting the knob. The knobs are held on to a circular shaft by two set screws with a limiting tab on the knob engaging a notch in the body of the scope. This allows the knob to slip on the shaft and may result in the inconstant operation you are seeing. If you look at the knob you should see two tiny allen headed screws, if you loosen both of these screws you can pull the knob straight off the shaft. Try turning the shaft directly and see if that fixes the problem. If you can move the shaft and the reticle turns on and adjusts as it should then the knob had slipped and that is your problem. Move the shaft to the off position and re-attach the knob. If it is something else you may have to move into more involved surgery. I think it is a fairly simple circuit that controls the reticle but I am not sure.

I was able to fix a focus problem with the scope this way, good luck!

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