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jbrooks July 17, 2010 00:13

Just saw your post, I'm in for at least 5! I like the CMI M14 25-rounders, and would prefer 25-rounder for the FAL, but will buy 20-rounders in any case.

3 US parts is a good thing! :bow: :bigangel: :biggrin:


one hand clapping July 17, 2010 13:23

I gladly volenteer to be a Beta tester..... I have at least five different makes of recievered Fals/ L1a1s/SLRs to test with.prolly ten different types of ammo.

Just try'n to help the process.
I look forward to their production. The thermolds I have like one rifle and not another. OK for the range , but not if danger close.

One Hand Clapping

Falfegnügen July 17, 2010 15:29

This sounds great Moses!

I want 25 rounders. black only, don't care for translucent, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. And if you're thinking of one of those little windows in the side, I don't like that either. I ditched all of my Pmags like that after one cracked loose during play.

25 round black PMAG-like mag for the FAL. That will sell.

jbrooks July 19, 2010 08:48

Ploease note this experience with the CMI 25-round M14 mags:

CMI originally made the 25 round mags with the same spring as the 20-rounders. The spring was then too short, not allowing enough pressure on the heavier and longer ammo stack.

I bought several when they came out and had feeding problems.

CMI has now modified the 25 round mag springs by adding an additional coil. Those work fine.

So if you do decide to make 25 round mags, please consider the possibility that the springs may need to be longer (or stiffer) than the current 20 round springs.



moses July 19, 2010 13:10

I can't imagine why CMI would think they could use the same spring as a 20 rd. mag?
Probably didn't want to have to make new springs as they are kinda pricey!!!
I already have calculated what length spring would be needed for a 25 rd FAL mag.

These will have no windows and the first mags will be 20 rd. mags.

82ndRecon July 20, 2010 16:51

Bump...because Moses is a good guy, and I want at lest 10 as soon as I can them..:shades: :shades:

Topbanana July 20, 2010 16:56

Smoke colored 25rd's would be the cat's ass!

one hand clapping July 30, 2010 10:15

I am waiting patiently for the beta testing to run its course. I would be happy to provide a $$$ deposit on my order so as to help defray the up front costs to ya mosses.

MistWolf July 31, 2010 21:18

I would interested in pre-ordering a couple magazines

Stranger July 31, 2010 22:06


Originally posted by John Hardin

Have you been following the developments in quad-stack mags for the AR and AK platforms?

The critical bits are patented, so you probably won't be able to do something like that without some innovation on your part. Any thoughts?

While I expect that Magpul will recieve its patent from the USPO, I wouldn't expect the patents to hold up in court. The original idea and design is now 100 years old. Its hard to convince a court that you idea is "new" and worthy of protection when a long dead Russian came up with the basic design 100+ years ago.

molotov August 03, 2010 21:01

Any news on the mags?

I have been very patiently waiting. I plan on springing for some mags, regardless of what Moses does. In fact, I would've sprung for steel mags but I am pretty stoked about the potential of Moses polymer mag.

It's August. I have money in my pocket to try a couple out. When can we send the MO's out?

torquemada055 August 05, 2010 04:45

You know the worst part of waiting is trying to keep the wife from finding where I stashed the money for the mags I want.

But I keep trying....

moses August 05, 2010 15:29

No new news as of yet, still trying to finalize the drawings/CAD.
I have been riding the CAD guy to try to speed things up and I think he is getting the message, we are meeting this evening to try and finish this part of the process.
Next will be a proto type to check all the dimensions and make sure we didn't overlook or miss something.
After that we will have the molds made and then we can start making the actual working mags. Which we will probably make 20 or so for me to torture and function test.

Believe me I am just as anxious as you to get these things finished!

Dopavash August 12, 2010 15:57

Godspeed to you, sir. I'm pretty sure we're all (not so) patiently waiting.

moses August 24, 2010 03:47

Finished putting all the final revisions on the drawings tonight!!!!!!

Prototype has the go ahead to be made and I expect to have it in about 2 weeks hopefully sooner.
Will check to make sure we got all the dimensions correct on all the working parts and that we have the right dimensions on the mag body etc.

If all checks out the mold building process will begin!!!!!!

Was wondering if I should call these "moses mags"
Would you guys like it to have "moses mag" on the mag somwhere?
Not a huge billboard but semi descreet.

molotov August 24, 2010 06:13


Was wondering if I should call these "moses mags" Would you guys like it to have "moses mag" on the mag somwhere?
You took the time and effort, not to mention the cash investment. I'd say go for it.

WarriorPoet August 24, 2010 06:43

moses mags sounds alright. I liked my "factory" logo better, though :)

(ignore the green stars - they were tags that I liked these over the other 20-30 variations I noodled through)

Textured front and back, ribbed sides, "come and take them", and a factory logo (old fashioned factory, with smokestack and a gear-type design in it).

I know the factory looks like something else.......but then that was the idea at the time, too :wink: :wink:


p.s. - these mags had better part water from the get-go or you're gonna have a lot of surly israelites chasin' your a** across the desert :rofl:

p.s., p.s. - (ohhhhh, sorry. wrong historical figure reference) :wink: :wink:

LAFAL August 24, 2010 07:30

I talked to the Thermold guys yesterday to ask where their mags were. They said that they were distributing them to folks like Sports South, Brownells, Chatanooga Shooters, etc. The cost will be over the advertised $17 that IO's company was charging. Can't wait for Moses' mags to come out.

W.E.G. August 24, 2010 07:53

1 Attachment(s)

W.E.G. August 24, 2010 08:04

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MAINER August 24, 2010 08:30

1 Attachment(s)
"Would you guys like it to have "moses mag" on the mag somwhere?"

Thats what I've been calling them anyway. It's a GO for me. :D

Waiting patiently here!

Dopavash August 24, 2010 08:41

WEG those look like tombstones. Those are the first thing I saw when I came back in this thread and I thought his Mag idea had died. I was about to be very upset!

I'd be completely alright with Moses Mags on their, but I think a small proofing image of some sort might be better. You could do the Moses from South park:

moses August 24, 2010 14:48

Yeah like when I first started making the Belgian combo look alike brake back in the AWB days not sure who was the first to say it but they were called
"the moses brake" it kinda stuck and I saw where some are already calling these "the moses mag" so I figured I would go with it, you know it's kinda like Magpul has "the Pmag" I have a cool design already worked out for the logo and it will also include "20" for the round count into the logo. (when I get to the 25 round mags the logo will of course have 25 instead of 20) It will not be very big and it will be in a good spot.
I can't wait until I get these out!
I think you guys are gonna dig the way they look!!! And of course function!!!!

WP I dig your fingerin factor!!!!

W.E.G. August 24, 2010 15:52



Them are the stoneds that Moses fetched up there when he was burnin' bush.

Don't none of you read your Bible???

Too much cymbalism for most 'round her to follow I reckon.
Should have used more cowbell.

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Noodles McGee August 24, 2010 21:14

Moses Mags. I love it!

WEG I saw that pic and thought....


I forgot all about these.:fal:

jaykden August 25, 2010 00:20

i'd for sure have to buy me some "10 commandment mags"...


Dopavash August 25, 2010 11:15


Originally posted by W.E.G.


Them are the stoneds that Moses fetched up there when he was burnin' bush.

Don't none of you read your Bible???

Too much cymbalism for most 'round her to follow I reckon.
Should have used more cowbell.

LOL, I got it after I read. Still, it scared me.

WarriorPoet August 25, 2010 14:15

Hmmmmm........ 20 round mag........... "Commandments"..........

Hey, there ya go!

The "20 Commandment Mag" !!!

Or - "20CoM" for short.

The Commandments would be, in order of importance:

1. DIE !
2. DIE !
3. DIE !
4. DIE !
5. DIE !
6. DIE !
7. DIE !
8. DIE !
9. DIE !
10. DIE !
11. DIE !
12. DIE !
13. DIE !
14. DIE !
15. DIE !
16. DIE !
17. DIE !
18. DIE !
19. DIE !
20. DIE !



nawck August 25, 2010 16:12

I would buy 2 at the $20 range.


Originally posted by biggun
I thought DSA was in the process of bringing new mags to market???????
They are logistically timed to be co-released with the ORF receivers.

moses August 25, 2010 17:28

Most likely starting price will be $23.99 per mag.

molotov August 25, 2010 17:32


Most likely starting price will be $23.99 per mag.
Do us injuns get a FAL files membership discount?

moses August 25, 2010 18:14

Gonna be hard to give any discounts at first because I have to recoup as much money as I can! This is a very costly project and I am paying for everything out of pocket as I didn't do any presale deals or deposits.
I want to recoup the money as fast as possible too so I can reinvest it immediately into the 25 rd FAL mag project I want to do.
The molds are between $15,000 and $20,000 dollars a piece.

Sasquatch7382 August 25, 2010 22:21

Just joined saw this and had to respond

This is an excellent idea thermolds interested me but i heard a few bad things about them
You will be competeing with RRA but if urs are the bees knees as you claim should be no contest

Put me down for 10 195 posts say ave 5 mags per post taking in double posts and what not
thats well over your costs...just saying

so you should have no trouble makin that money back long as they work

jardows August 25, 2010 23:13

Quick question about your mags. The Thermold mag I played with would not operate the bolt hold-open. I examined it and that was part of the design, so I got an extra Izzy mag instead. Will your mags operate the bolt hold-open? If so, I'd love to be able to pick up 5-10 20 rounders, depending on how my money was at the time!

moses August 26, 2010 07:56

The RRA mags will not work in an FAL, they are making them only for their LAR-8 rifles. I talked to them at the NRA show extensively about this.
That is one of the reasons I went through with this project.

Yes mine will work the bolt hold open. Made that part to where it should work better than the original. Sometimes the original follower will have that part stamped to the side a little and the pin in the bolt hold open can slide passed it and get jammed up.
On my mag that area is extra wide so it can't miss being hit by the pin.

Brasshound August 27, 2010 13:20

You should consider a 5 rounder ,mags.

Will work in 10 round compliant states, and most hunting regs.. :D

And I would be interested in dealer pricing sir....


moses August 27, 2010 14:32

I might have to come up with a block I can install in the mags to make them 5 or 10 rd mags, that's a good idea.

I will most likely after the initial launch sell mags to dealers and have dealer pricing for certain quantities.

DYNOMIKE August 27, 2010 16:49

Took me a minute or three to catch up, BUT.....

I am glad your doing 20's first, IMHO that's a good call..
I'm glad your not doing translucent mags, the longevity was something that concerned me.
Glad the BHO will work as well..

Lastly I like the "MOSES MAG" idea, sounds great and the connection to you is a good one as well....

Carry on, and thanks for the updates.. :beer: :beer:

fireinc August 27, 2010 16:49

no doubt covered/discussed, but only able 2 check in via pda-phone right now and surfing entire string is difficult. Question: Is there any chance they will work w/Inch recvrs?

Would want abt a bakers dozen of 25 rounders.

25-30 rounders could be called/stampped "Moses Magnums"



L Haney August 27, 2010 17:43

Hey Moses!

Got yet another question. Are the followers polymer?


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