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Tom-M May 30, 2009 23:14

Alloy mag observation
Decided to dig through the 150 or so alloy mags I have and see what variations and dates I could observe. Changes are not very distinctive, but might interest people. Also included the dates observed on the Green Plastic Mag Pouches. Not sure if the rubberized ones are dated (some appear as if they might be).

Anyone able to add dates outside what I have.

German HK Alloy mags

9/62-4/63 No NSN stock# on them

6/63 Small NSN stock# added (12-127-7057)

3/64-3/66 Large NSN stock# added (100-12-127-7057)

6/66-3/81 NSN stock# removed

02/82-10/82 “HK” stamping now separated block letters. Date now stamped as four digits – irregardless of month

04/84 Top changed (ribs, rectangular cutout at front eliminated). “HK” returned to fancy joined letters

07/84-04/90 Same as above, but dimple at top rear eliminated

3/95 Date returned to 3 digits for earlier months

German Rheinmetal Alloy mags

10/63 Large factory symbol (NSN# 1005-12-127-7057)

8/64-11/65 Small factory symbol (NSN# 1005-12-127-7057)

German Unknown “P” Marked Alloy mags

9/63-8/64 have large NSN# on them

German Kongsberg (Norwegian) Alloy mags (made for German military)

3/65-2/68 “K” with crown marking, and “G3” stamped on them. Have NSN Stock# (1005-12-127-7057) on them

German Green Plastic Magazine Pouches dated between 1980-1993

Portugese FMP Alloy mags

10/65-8/71 Marked “G3”, Have NSN stock# (1005-12-127-7057) on them

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