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hueyville March 17, 2018 10:43

Necessary Mods to Suppress HK 91?
A friend at LGS and I both want to set up at least one of our HK 91's to safely run suppressors. Have done a little research and found a list of internal mods necessary and then some in event of x do y and in event of z do x and have no clear cut ABC steps we are willing to risk having the bolt of an HK exit rear of receiver and impail itself somwhere behind our shooting eye. I did put an AAC 762SDN-6 on a CETME as an experiment and just a few rounds into firing it seemed obvious was a poor idea as felt like rifle was wanting to come unglued by second or third trigger squeeze. Anyone here suppressed an HK 91? On other forums have gotten conflicting and confusing answers from people we don't know.

imacoonass01 March 17, 2018 11:03

Here maybe?:

Danus ex March 17, 2018 11:59

I just did it and found it wasn't worth the minimal effort. You only need:
  1. #17 locking piece
  2. Suppressor
  3. Suppressor alignment tool
  4. 15x1 flash hider, brake, or other thread adapter
My findings:

  1. Not very gassy
  2. No functional issues or overly-intense function
  3. No serious change in recoil or POI
  1. Doesn't sound any quieter to the shooter. My Omega 30 was shockingly useless on this gun. Suppression obvious to bystanders, though. Lots of noise comes through the ejection port on the HK 91.
  2. Unsuppressed it runs dirty, now it runs extra dirty!
  3. Suppressor flash hider shoulders against the muzzle.
Bottom line: if you want to shoot suppressed, a firearm should be designed with suppressor use in mind and the HK 91 wasn't. YMMV, of course.

Holescreek March 17, 2018 23:46

I did a test with one of my Cetme's just changing out the locking pieces. I got it to run well suppressed with a 35 degree LP but it wouldn't run unsuppressed at that angle. Then I switched the LP back to 40 degrees and it ran fine both ways, a little stiff with the suppressor. I'm thinking of making a 37 degree LP will be the solution.

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