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CowboyBart December 29, 2012 17:58

FAL scope mount
I have a feeling my FAL is more accurate than I can see. What are your recomendations for a scope mount?? I have a nice 6X that would be perfect for the FAL.

big44man December 29, 2012 18:16

Depends on what you are comfortable with, I have the STANAG scope mount on two of my FAL's, and it is comfortable for me to shoot with my head raised a couple inches above the bore. You may not like it that high.

one hand clapping January 09, 2013 10:38

A.R.M.S. #3, the only way to roll. Pricey,but ya gets what ya pay for. I just picked one up in the market place for bout $85.00, new from mountsplus ,they are around $125.00.
Lighter and better stability, no "clamps or screws. Only down side is one has to slide the top cover back to remove the BC group. Some modify the back "plug" by doing a cut-out so the BC group will slide out without removal. There was another in the MP but had been WESOGed and owner was asking tooo much. Might talk em down , as it WAS solid and useable, just "modified".

I have used these for yrs and am very satisfied. every thing from eotecs to long range / high power scopes/ night vision. all stay on zero

mongoose January 10, 2013 00:08

I'd have to say the ARMS mount with a good set of rings and a scope.

I can punch half dollars all day long at 100m.

Sijones January 14, 2013 14:39

I have the ARMS Mount on a DSA Carbine and have used it with both a Weaver K3 and a Burris MTAC. Have Warne QD low rings on both scopes. I like the mount a lot. Does not seem to move at all.

I have the DSA mount on an L1A1. I have had the Weaver K3 on it with the Warne rings, but the rifle now carries a Burris Euro Diamond 1.5x6. Comparatively large scope. Have used Burris QD rings (too tall, poor cheek weld, smacks cheek now and then), but just yesterday switched to Warne QD low rings as well. Have not shot rifle with the Warne's yet, but the scope is significantly lower than it was in the Burris rings.

Two noticeable differences between the two bases: The DSA mount is definitely heavier and higher. The ARMS mount has been on both rifles and cheek weld is superior with it. Wish I had bought a second ARMS instead of the DSA although the DSA is a good product. Has a much stiffer body, but unfortunately comes at the expense of increased wight and height.


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