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0302 December 26, 2012 17:05

Chi town's finest whack a ridgeback! Oh for the love o Mike!!!
Do not, I say again, do not read this standing up if you are a whacko dog worshippor, a tragedy of the gravest consequence just occurred in Barry's home town, Kobi, a 70-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback mix was shot dead, allegedly by a Hazel Crest police. The officers were acting in self-defense when they shot Kobi.
Cop said, “‘Ma’am, your dog was getting ready to attack one of my officers, had that crazy shit-eye look yanno.’ And they shot him three times,” Weaver said.

Hazel Crest police said the raging dog tried to viciously attack officers on a public sidewalk, and officers felt they were at risk of serious or fatal injury, and chances to unlimber ole Roscoe do not come around often.
The Weavers still had Kobi’s wrapped Christmas gifts of dog treats below their tree.

“It’s just devastating, you know?” Weaver said.

Ok, who the h&ll buys a dog Multiple Christmas gifts?

Thorack December 26, 2012 19:34


Big dogs are only owned by druggies, that seems to be how Chicago cops are trained.

I bought each of my dogs two gifts, but I also married a smart, hard working, top heavy, blond that has big feet. So put that in your pipe and smoke it Tanto.


shlomo December 26, 2012 20:35

I know that 302 has a tiny dog. I wonder if he has a really neat house, too.

0302 December 26, 2012 20:55

I just gave Birdie, my collie mutt mix, some warm meatballs, heaven on earth. Now I will walk her in the freezing cold, properly leashed of course.

RT468 December 26, 2012 21:25

I'm sure the article was left purposely vague but,"left with an open fence that should have been secure" statement gets me.Did they enter the yard in an attempt to make a perimeter around the neighbors house?Open the gate or knock down part of a fence letting the dog out can't blame the dog for doing what it thought it needed to do..keeping strangers away from his people.Not a cop bashing,just details that seem lacking.As details in most hot topics lately either are lacking,misleading,made up,or omitted altogether.

0302 December 27, 2012 02:03

Oh my, you suggest not all the facts are known? You are supposed to make half-assed wild accusations based on the incomplete info presented sir, nothing less. The nerve....

shlomo December 27, 2012 07:07

For 0302, there are only two kinds of good dogs.

Dead dogs, and his dogs.

0302 December 27, 2012 10:07

I know a guy with a ridgeback, very impressive animal, I would like to have one.

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